Friday, December 14, 2007

The Market is down today. I may need to sleep more. Waah!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here I go Again

The fashionista in me is striking again. I want to buy a new watch. I am trying to justify that it is not a want but a need because my old watch is already 2 YO and it is also tight (gained some weight kasi).

I don't know what brand I want as long as it tickles my fancy but ... I want it branded. Hehehe. But still... i want it cheap. Tried searching EBAY... but no success... I don't like those that were listed...

Hmmm.. need to control myself. Someone help me please.

Pepsi Cola IPO

Among the IPO emails I received, the Pepsi Cola IPO caught my attention. I already emailed DH and he seems interested. However, I am having second thoughts... Can someonce enlighten me. What do you think of the Pepsi IPO? Is it overpriced @ P6.04/share?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Journey to Financial Planning

I started being aware of financial planning after I had a small chat with some officemates. We had a discussion on how they keep their money, how do they invest and how do they plan for the future.

At 1st I didn't mind them. i don't know if it is because of envy or I am guilty. Maybe, I am guilty of not thinking about the future and guilty of not saving. but i still believe that that discussion woke up something in me.

I started looking for the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book as per their recommendation. How unfortunate that NBS has no stocks. We're searched almost all of NBS branches, but we can't find any. But..thanks to EBAY!!! I was able to buy my 1st book. It was brand new but I sold it to my officemate for the same price including the shipping fee (wala ako tubo. she also benefited from it...mas mura sya kesa sa NBS )..because... I am buying a second hand book for a much lower price. Kuripot noh?! Hehehe.

It was my 1st book in personal finance. But to tell you the truth.... i haven't finish the book.... i don't know why.. bigla ako tinamad. But it really help me a lot. I learned to be aware of everything about money.

Then one time... I just found myself.... searching for a financial e-group. I also started reading blogs on personal finance. I learned also a lot from those e-group that I joined....kahit lurker lang ako. I can't join yet in the discussion.. . the terms are so technical. hahaha. ... ano daw yung ...equity fund..indexes... NAPV??? ..waah... still need to do a lot of researches. day... I saw an officemate...browsing the net... she's opening the BPITrade site. i inquired about it and...... then... i just found myself again.... applying for a joint account with hubby.

Then another day.... i was buying this "PWEDE NA" book by Efren Cruz. I find this book better than Rich Dad, Poor Dad. it is based on Philippine setting. He used layman's term in this book which is beneficial to newbies like me. I was happy reading the book because I found out that even before I am on the right track. I just need more education. The 1st part of the book..challenged the reader to list down all her/his assets and liabilities. I have this few years ago and been maintaining it. However, the list in the book is more comprehensive... another learning for me. Hehehe.

Then.. one day... from another e-group (N@W).... I read about GMA-7 IPO. Got interested and PM'd Marie. I discussed this with hubby and he got excited about it too. In short.... we bought some shares. yah ... i know... the stock market is currently down but we're keeping our fingers cross..we're just a stock investor today and not yet a trader.....

Then....there was hibernation... i kept on listing all the money that come and go out of our pockets .... i do nothing... i just write them and look at them. hehehe... sometimes it is a success... we have extra... is a failure... we need to get some from savings... nevertheless.... we are still thankful for all our blessings. and like what i have read on all financial mags and books.... share the 10% no matter what... and the rest will follow.... this is so true. Thanks to HIM.

now.... i woke up again...just recently... here i go again... planning... counting the eggs... thinking of the future... and i do hope... i'll do better this time. ...

Sometimes... i feel the pressure... because i am the financial analyst while hubby is the World Bank :-D ...'s ok because he supports me. He supports my idea and my goal.... he knew that i just want a better future not just for us but for our children ( though they don't exist yet)...our family and our community.. may God continue to shower us with blessings and support us with our goal.... This is just the beginning... our 1st 1M is still a long long way to go.....

Monday, December 10, 2007


Finally... I made up my mind to create a dedicated blog about my Piso. I just felt that my main blog is already like a chopseuy. Halo-halo. Hehehe.

This would be my site on personal finance but I also would like this to be informative so newbies can also benefit in reading this blog.I will also include learnings from the sites that I normally visited.

In short, this blog will discuss all about PISO...what can we do about it and how it can help each one of us.