Friday, February 26, 2010

Quote for the Day....

Set Goals for your Money because others are already setting their Goals to get all your money.

- Some lessons learned from Truly Rich Finacial Coaching Program

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goals for 2010 (revA)

Hubby and I set our 2010 goals 2 days before year 2009 ended but was not able to blog it. It was the RevA. After the seminar we have attended last week, we come up to our REVB. Let me show you 1st our REVA:

1. Maintain the # of Coop Share deduction for our Emergency Fund.

2. Create Other Sources of Income thru business.
- Tshirt Printing - Need to attend TRC Training (FEB or MARCH)
-. Personalized items/Scrapbooking - Need to know how to promote/ Advertise
- Food Business - Add to 2011 Goal

3.Attend Bo Sanchez Group's Seminars
- Coaching - Couple
- Real Estate - Hubby
- Internet - Me

4. Minimize our Expenses
- Limit Lunch outs during weekdays
- Utilities- follow tipid tips for water and electricity.
- Limit consumables by having a weekly plan for the dishes to cook and create a schedule for laundry and ironing of clothes"

5. Additional Investments
- 25k mutual fund (will be from our Midyear Bonuses)
- 20k Top-up for VUL (from our Coop Dividends)
- 100k for bonds if there would be offerings (will withdraw some shares from coop)
- Stocks (Amount:TBD)

6. Insurances
- Renew our Fire Insurance - might get from Philam again. BDO proposal is not as good as Philam.
- Update Beneficiaries
- Check/Review getting a Life insurance
- Get an Educuational Plan for our daughter
- Get a Retirement Plan
* Contact our new Agent and sched a meeting.


This is a super late 2009 Goals Review. But it's better late than never. Our goal was supposed to be reviewed every quarter but was only able to do it for 2 consecutive quarter. You can see our 1st quarter review here. And here is our year end review.

1.After giving birth, transfer part of USD savings from BDO regular savings to PS Bank or China Bank TD. - GOOD: DONE. Not in PS Bank or China Bank but in Asia Trust because they have the higher interest rate.

2. Current EF is at 25%. By the end of the year, it should be more than 50%. GOOD. We initially accounted for the money we have in our regular savings account. We forgot about our savings in our coop. Combining the 2, we now have more than 50%.

3. Transfer part of our EF to either BPI Direct TD or China Bank TD (whichever have the higher interest). BAD: Not done.

4. Invest in Mutual Fund (PAMI and/or Phil EQ). BAD: Not done.

5. Increase investments in Philippine Stock Market. BAD: Not done.

6. Renew our insurances. Moderate: We renew only one of our insurances.

7. Get a HS and/or College Plan for our soon to arrive Baby or just increase our investments. Moderate: Backlogged. We haven't made up our mind if we'll get one because of the bad news that we're hearing on pre-need plan companies.

8. Keep our Company Stocks (Grants and ESPP) intact and wait for the up turn. GOOD: We're keeping them.

Not bad at all. We have 3 good, 3 bad and 2 moderate. I will be posting our 2010 GOALs soon.