Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Ready for Abundance Seminars this November

Listed below the Seminars scheduled this Q4'10.

1.How to Become Truly Rich Seminar
by: Bo Sanchez
November 13,2010
8:30am to 12nn
Mandaluyong City
Fee: Php 497

2. Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program
by: Bo Sanchez and his Team of Financial Mentors
November 19 and 29,2010
Pasig City
Fee: Php 5,975 (inclusive of 2 meals and 2 snacks)

We're done with the first 2 seminars and we're still aiming to attend the 3rd one. I recommend all of them. I believe they are worth every cent.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2010 - 1st Day Only

I was only able to attend the 1st day of the Summit and Expo because of prior commitments but I was able to learn a lot. I really believe that Financial Education is not expensive compared to Ignorance.

Below are the things I've noted while listening to the speakers:

A. Trace Trajano
"The Think Rich Quick System of Flipping Properties"

Why Real Estate?
I - Income or cashflow
E- Equity (loan paid by tenants)
A - Appreciation
L - Leverage

Wrong Way of making Money in RE:
1. Condo Craze
- buying on pre-selling/pre-construction
- money is tied up for 3-5 yrd and at risk w/ market fluctuations
- if rented, risk of getting a bad tenant

Affiliate Real Estate Marketing
- sell other properties first
- build buyers database
-learn how to market
- no risk of using own money

Renovations are after the ROI and Profit

How to Find Buyers
- WOM (Word of Mouth)
- COIN (Center of influence Networking)
**** Architects, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, RE investors, Contractors
- Online Ads(bahay.ph.sulit.com.ph, cariglist)
-Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Question to ask confirm a CASH Buyer ?
- What's your Financing?

B. Eden Dayrit
"Get Rich thru Rent-to-Own Properties"

Strategy: Find>Fund>Fix>Sell>Profit

How to Find Market Value
1. Zonal Value
2. Comparables
3. Income Method

Find: Auctions, Listings
Fund: Create Prospectus for Investors
Fix: Get Quotes from 3 contractors
** important is roof and bathrooms
Sell: must have a competitive price for faster sale

C. Dr. Dups delos Reyes
"Secrets of Direct Sales Superstars"

Super Sales Strategies
1. Belief - product Mastery and enthusiam
2. Listening - feel good
3. Strategy - prospects/persistence/spiritual energy

Meaning of Selling
- Oral presentation in a conversation w/ prospective purchasers to make a sale.

Negative: Attack, Blame and Complain
Positive: Adapt, Balance and Care

Advantages of Postive Attitudes:
-More Energy
-Reduced Stress
- Better REsult

Qualities of a Good Sales Person
1. Ability to close
2. Intrinsic Motivation
3. Interpersonal Skills
4. Disciplined Work Habits

Reasons why People Buy
1. They buy solutions.
2. They feel good and important (they buy good feelings).

Sales Ratio
1. You reap what you sow (1:10).
2. It takes time for a fruit to ripen (1:5th). Repeat visits

Daily Sales Plan: See,Call,Do

3 P's for Success:
Passion, Patience and Persistence = PRAYER!

D: Conrado Bate of Citisec Online
Simple Stock Market Investing: The Way to a Richer Life

Good Quality Stocks
- growing
- earnings visibility/predictability
-mgmt credibility
-superior products and services
- strong balance sheet

Good Money Mgmt:
1. Diversify stocks/industries
2. Comfy
*** Computation: 100 - AGE= MAX % of Savings to Stocks

PESO COST AVERAGING thru Income, Time, Discipline.
- available thru Citisec's EIP.

E. Malaya Laraya
"Beat the market with foreign stocks and funds"

Why Managed Time?
-to leverage on Time, Expertise and Access

Local vs. Global Managed Funds
A: Local
- Limited types and choices
- Regulatory Concerns
- Liquidity Issues
B: Global
Varied (their are funds that are based from beliefs)
Better Regulations
Very Liquid Markets

F: Butch Villamor of One Outsource Direct
"TELESALES:How to make Money Selling over the Phone"

Why Telemarketing???
1. Good Profit Margin
2. Huge Opportunities
3. Huge Market (Global)

G: Mark So of Forex Club Manila
"Fast and Furious Forex Trading"

Currencies Trading

Trading in Pairs:

Initial Investment = US$300
Market opens = 24/5
** No approve broker yet in Phils.
** No other fees except for bank fee = US40

Important Note:
Vengeance Trading is a bad move.

The seminar ended an hour late compared to what it should be but the people didn't leave their seats until the last speaker finished his talk. They indeed value all the things that they can get from the summit. It was really a jam packed day. I wished I was able to attend the 2nd day. Nevertheless, I still recommend this summit/expo. I will surely attend the next one and invite my friends and family.

Should you have any questions with the things I wrote here, you can email me @ lovellamendoza@yahoo.com. I will be happy to answer all your queries.

Get Ready for Abundance Seminars

As I mentioned on my previous blog post, i started getting back on track when we attended Bo Sanchez's How to Become Truly Rich Seminar.

And as my way of paying it forward, I have listed below the Seminars scheduled this Q3'10.

1.How to Become Truly Rich Seminar
by: Bo Sanchez
August 7,2010
8:30am to 12nn
Mandaluyong City
Fee: Php 497

2. Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program
by: Bo Sanchez and his Team of Financial Mentors
August 20-21,2010
Pasig City
Fee: Php 5,975 (inclusive of 2 meals and 2 snacks)

3. Truly Rich Internet MKTG Hands-on Workshop
by: Jomar Hilario
Sept 3-4,2010
Araneta Center Cubao,QC
Fee: Php 9,750 (inclusive of 2 meals and 2 snacks,use of computer w/ internet access)

We're done with the first 2 seminars and we're still aiming to attend the 3rd one. I recommend all of them. I believe they are worth every cent.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Outdated because I'm Working on Increasing my Piso

Guilty as charged for being MIA in this blog. Pardon me for that. Since I attended the Money Summit and Wealth Expo, I been busy on making more Piso.

Don't Worry. I'll be updating this blog for the things I've learned from:
a. Money Summit and Wealth Expo
b. Fortune Forex Training
c. Others

Updates will be available in a few days. Keep coming back! I Promise your visit will be all worthwhile.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Won in Trace Trajano's Apprentice Challenge#4

I mentioned before that we joined Trace Trajano's Apprentice Challenge which started right after the seminar. There were 5 challenges. Before challenge #4. We have zero profit and zero point but we never give up. Details of the challenge and our learnings are all here in this video. We're interviewed by Trace himself.

Freebies: Unilab Promo

I just blogged about Unilab's promo in Facebook and got these freebies. Thanks!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Would you like to dispel the common notion of crab mentality among Filipinos by helping create one million Pinoy Millionaire by 2020 as envisioned by the likes of Brother Bo Sanchez(The Light of Jesus Community), Dr. Larry Gamboa(Think Rich Pinoy) and Trace Trajano(Think Rich Quick)?


Sponsor a friend, a relative or a loved one to attend the first ever gigantic meeting of the minds to gain financial freedom through, real estate, internet marketing, franchising to name a few.

If you can spare a tenth of your monthly salary, or defer buying that latest ipod or ipad, or even diet by avoiding that mouth-watering doughnut that you've always craved for with your favorite coffee blend, would you do it?

Be that Good Samaritan to that wounded traveller. He just needs an opportunity to prosper so what better way to start by helping a friend or a relative to make that first step to become a Pinoy Millionaire without leaving the Philippines. He will forever be indebted to you because you are instrumental to his success.

A father need not leave his newborn son to work as a seaman overseas. A mother need not suffer under the hands of an abusive employer just so she can remit money to her family in the Philippines. A grandfather need not risk his life working in a war torn nation like Iraq or Afghanistan just so he can send his grandchild to a good school.

It will be an auspicious beginning towards helping our newly elected President, Benigno C. Aquino III, rally our nation, the Republic of the Philippines to greatness not just in Asia, but in the whole world by helping create ONE MILLION PINOY MILLIONAIRES by 2020.

Be A Sponsor and Help Create A Pinoy Millionaire!

P.S. Refer a friend and get 2% discount.
P.P.S. Refer 5 friends and get 20% discount.
P.P.P.S Refer 10 friends and get 50% discount.
P.P.P.S. Refer 20 friends and get 100% rebate!
P.P.P.S. Hurry because this offer expires in 4 days!

Now is the Best Time YOU Sponsor A Child

My purpose is not to boast about the things I do on the side. However, if I can only inspire others to help other people then I believe all of us can create a good place to live in.

Anyway, I received this email from World Vision today. A CALL for sponsor. You might have some extras that you can share. Sponsoring a child to school would only cost P600/month or equivalent to 20/day. This is even cheaper than a Mcdo Sundae a day.

Just click the image to know more.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Truly Rich Seminars for Q2'10

We attended the Truly Rich Seminar last Q3'09 and the Financial Coaching last quarter. It was the seminar the pushed me to start working again on our finances. It jump start me again. I am promoting this seminar as a way of paying forward. I helped me and I know it would help you too. I share the same vision with Bo to become a millionaire maker. I am not yet a multi-millionaire but I know I will be soon. It would be happier if I can walk with you to our financial freedom. God Bless all us all !!!

See details and schedule below:

A. How To Become Truly Rich Seminar

By Bo Sanchez

Bestselling Author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

June 12, 2010, Saturday (8:30AM to 12:00PM)

Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City

Seminar Fee: P8,000.00++ P497 only per person.

Early Bird Offer: The first 9 people who reserve will pay P397only per person!

B. Truly Rich
Financial Coaching Program

By Bo Sanchez and a team of Financial Mentors

Bestselling Author of 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

June 18-19, 2010, Friday and Saturday

Pasig City Near Ultra

Seminar Fee: P220,000++ P 5,975 only per person. Married Couple rate is P9,975

Call up Beckie at (02) 7229562 (Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-5pm) or email at beaconlightevents+seminar@gmail.com now!


Are you out of the country and can't attend. Be updated and gain financial intelligence by being a member of Bo's Truly Rich club. Click below to join.

Join the  Truly Rich Club

Saturday, June 5, 2010


YES!!!! I am very very excited to announce to YOU our dear readers that a BIG EXPO is coming to TOWN. It is like an early Christmas. It’s time to shop. But this time, you’ll be shopping without loosing money but instead you will learn how to multiply your money.

What is the Expo all about?

People have the misconception that it takes money to make money. “NOT true”. It ONLY takes a change of Mindset, Commitment and Action. It is EASY to MAKE MONEY. In this expo, you will be like standing in front of a buffet. They will show you the different options and ways to get rich. You can choose to DO ALL but you can also choose ONLY THOSE that you believe is right for you.

The expo also features experienced entrepreneurs. One of them is Trace Trajano. He is the author of the bestselling book “Think Rich Quick”. Trace is a successful Filipino real estate investor in Ohio. He has a vision of creating 1 million Filipino Millionaires through Real Estate. Do you want to be one of them?

Yes! I want to be ONE of those ONE Million Filipino Millionaires

You might be asking, “So how much will this expo cost me?” Let me you ask you this…

“What amount of money will you pay just to learn about almost everything on making millions?”

Some will say, that they need to finish college just to make money. But have you computed how much money you need to spend first before you finish college? Have you taken to account the time that you need to spend to get a masters degree? Getting rich is not directly proportional to education. There are people who are not college graduate but are more wealthy that those who have college degree. There is something with them. And they will share it with you during the expo.

Here’s another good news: once you apply the things you’ll learn from the expo, you can literally start working on your financial independence strategy.

The even better news is that you will not spend P500,000…not even P50,000…or even P10,000 for your tuition fee. The expo was made affordable….. It’s all WORTH the price compared to the things that you’ll learn.

Alright – I want to make millions…so Sign me UP NOW.

In fact, it gets even better. The expo organizers want to give people a lot more value than what they’re paying. They are not just having an exhibit but also different talks about ways of making money.

However, the attendance to this expo is limited. Why? This is to have a better interaction among the exhibitors, speakers and registrants.

The attendance is being limited to only 300 people – more than 200 have already registered so there are less than 100 slots left. This expo is being promoted by seminar promoters, wealth coaches, Trace’s students and affiliates. Literally, this sales letter is going to be read by over 100,000 people and so YOU DON’T WANT TO BE LEFT OUT.

1.Sign up before June 5 and get a 5% discount in a form of rebate which will be given on the day of the expo.

2. The first 10 signers from the link below, is entitled to a free Think Rich Quick Book.

3. If you sign up from June 1 to June 10, you are also entitled to a Raffle Ticket. Two people will have an opportunity to attend either the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar that will happen on August or Think Rich Quick Seminar that will happen on October.

4. Attend as a group and get more discount. For every group of 6, you only need to pay for 5.5 person. Aside from the 5% discount that you can get if you register before June 5,2010.

Let me IN. I don’t want to be left out.

Just realize the price of admission (which is only Php 3495 for a regular 2-Day PASS or Php 4495 for a VIP PASS) is a small fee to pay to know the different money making techniques that will put money in your pocket. Take advantage of this opportunity NOW by clicking HEREDon’t Have a PAYPAL account?
We also accept Bank Payments: CALL/TEXT US @ 0916-3969659 for the Bank Details.


P.S. Sign up before June 5 and get 5% discount which will be given to you on the day of the event.

P.S.1 Sign up now to be one of the 10 people who can receive a free Think Rich Quick Book.

P.S.2 Sign up now to win a free admission to either Think Rich Pinoy or Think Rich Quick Seminar.

P.S.3 Sign up as a group and get more discount.

P.S.4 Again, only 100 more slots are open. Register NOW to get IN. Once all the slots are filled, the exhibitors will close this and you might need to wait 1 year to attend the next one!

I don’t want to wait a year so SIGN me up NOW!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Are You Tired of Being Poor? Do you want to become financially independent but don't know how and where to start?

I was the in the same shoes as you are 3 years ago. But I made a decision that I don't wanna be poor all my life. I need to do something different.

I started to believe that if I do the same thing over and over again, I will expect the same result over and over again.
I need to change something. I need to change my beliefs.
I started reading books, searching the net.
But I learned that I can't do it alone.
I need somebody to push me up, to cheer for me, to inspire me and give me more insights based on experience.

I started to attend seminars, conventions, trainings and expos because I believe in continuous education.
Things change. What works in the past may not work today.

A lot of expos has been done before. I attended some of them and I also learned from them. However, but there is an upcoming Money and Wealth Expo which I think is more comprehensive because it will cover all the strategies that can make you rich and wealthy.

This really excites me. Its like going to a buffet. The foods are all there. We can have it all but we can also choose what we want.

In this expo, we'll learn about investing in stock market, franchising, selling offline and online, earning on real real estate and a lot more.

It's really for everybody. Not just for you but also for me.

I'm still not there. I'm still not financially independent. But I COMMIT to become one.

If I will be there because I believe it can help me. Why shouldn't you?!
We just need to make a decision and take an ACTION.

If you're committed to become wealthy NOW, keep coming to this blog because I'll be posting the details of the expo here.

You can also leave a comment for other inquiries.

Because the ultimate purpose of becoming wealthy is to help others.....

Unilab Promo - Picture of You

Unilab is having a promo. We might join this one. This seems to be fun aside from the prize that we can get.


1. This promo will run for 1 week from May 29 to June 6, 2010

2. Take a picture of yourself holding any Unilab product and pose as creatively as you can.
Check out http://www.unilab.com.ph/consumer/products.asp for a list of Unilab Products

3. Upload the picture in the Unilab wall and tag one friend whom you would like to share the prize with. (To tag, simply type “@”and wait for your friend’s name to turn blue)

4.The winning shot will be decided by the following criteria:
a) Most number of Likes – 50%
b)Creativity of pose – 50%

5.The winner will receive a package of Unilab premium items plus a free dinner buffet for two.

6.Only one winner will be chosen among all the entries.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar Review

As promised, this post will discuss the lessons I got from the Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar.

There were a lot of speakers who shared valuable information. They were:
a. Larry Cleto from Philam
b. Larry Gamboa

c. Bo Sanchez

d. Ronald Cagape
e. Eden Dayrit

f. Victor Gamboa

g. Randy Manaloto

h. Jay McLean

LESSONS Learned from the SPEAKERs:

1. Proper Wealth Management: Accumulate, Preserve, Transfer
2. Financial Freedom is relative to lifestyle
3. Income is a source of Wealth.
4. There is WEALTH more than enough for everyone.
5. Wealth FACTOR: Discipline and Time.
6. Why Real estate investment is SAFE: Bank accepts Real Estate Properties as collateral compared to Stocks.
7. Going to PROMISE LAND:
  • a. Phase1: Desert Experience
  • b. Phase2: Desert with Manna Experience
  • c. Phase3:Promise Land Experience
8. We need to allow our Kids to Experience desert
9. Three Steps to Enjoy Promised Land
  • a. Depeat the Giants
  • b. Work the Land
  • c. Remember the Lessons of the Desert
10. Use Wealth to LOVE.
11. Be Ready for Failures.
12. Fail Quickly and Try Again.
13. If there's a Problem, Fix it! Don't wish that it will go away because it won't.
14. Pay attention to details.
15. Factors on Implementing Every RE Strategy
  • a. Change your Mindset
  • b. Pre-screen the location. Best if near were you live.
  • c. Do Extreme Marketing
  • d. Always Think of Positive Cashflow
  • e. Build Relationship: buyer, seller, tenant, broker, lender, bank, supplier, lender, staff, colleagues, mentors, students.
  • f. Leverage on Money, Time, People, Relationships, Skills, Personal Knowledge.
  • g. Self- Improvement: Continuous Learning. Learn from Mistakes.
  • h. Giving Back and Paying Forward. *** Always be grateful and SHARE your blessings!
16. FACEBOOK is one of the best channel to do your marketing.
  • - let your contacts: Know, Like, Respect, Trust and Invest in You.
17. Real Estate Investors Problems
  • - Nobody knows that they exist.
  • - Nobody knows the VALUE they can Provide.

After the talks and lunch, we played CASH FLOW 101 for 2 hours. It was my 2nd time playing the board game. I was happy that i got out of the rat race after 1hour and the fast track after 25mins. I believe that I could have gotten out of the Fast Track earlier if I didn't act as a banker at the same time. By the way, I was the 3rd person who got out of the rat race and also placed 3rd getting out of fast track.

My tablemates while Playing

HOW did I get out of the RAT RACE:

1. Profession: Truck Driver

2. Strategy: Build CASH enough to cover my whole expenses if I will be downsized.
3. After accumulation enough cash, did small deals.
4. Bought a Property.
5. After buying the property, the player next to me stopped on the "MARKET" and got this CARD.
6. Immediately sold my Property.
7. On my next step to the opportunity track, I selected a BIG deal, I was blessed enough to find a very GOOD DEAL that moved me out of the RAT RACE.

HOW did I get out of the FAST TRACK:

1. I acquired business which gave me a cash flow equal to the requirement.

LESSONS Learned on my 2nd time Playing CASH FLOW 101:

1. Your occupation will not make you rich. It is your MINDSET and ACTIONS=STRATEGY.
2. Build Emergency Fund before Investing.
3. CASHFLOW remains king to get out of the RAT RACE and FAST TRACK.
4. Real Estate can either bring you CASH or CASHFLOW depending on how you deal with Deal.
5. Be open for opportunities.
6. Real Estate and Businesses are the sources of your CASHFLOW. The more you have, the better.
7. Get out of the Rat Race the soonest so you can help others.
- I played the role of the banker after getting out of the Rat Race and while playing on the FAST TRACK.
- I helped the other players on the issues they encounter while they are playing.
8. Get out of the FAST Track the soonest, to help more.
- I was able to answer more of my co-players questions after getting out of the track because I already stopped working "IN" my "BUSINESS".
- By that time, I have more time helping others.

After the game, there was a sharing of the things that we learned while playing. 4 people shared. It was a very nice experience.

What I like about the seminar:

1. It started with a PRAYER.
2. It has a mission of making 1(one) Million Millionaires by 2020.
3. There are a lot of inspirations that we got from the speakers.
4. The CASH Flow game is a worthwhile experience. It's addicting.
5. The free Book (TRP or TRQ ) they gave after answering the Survey Sheet.

*** I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

PROMO ALERT: Get Pizza Hut Free Dish Using BPI Credit Card

Just got a text message today from BPI. Below is the message:

SHOP ANYWHERE for at least P1500, 3000 or 7000 with your BPI Express Credit and get a FREE DISH at PIZZA HUT Restaurant/Bistro. May 18-July15. DTI#3191.

Got these info from another forum:
1500 - supreme buddy pan pizza or caesar salad
3000 - spaghetti bolognese or fettucine ala king

7000 - supreme family pan pizza

Sounds like a good deal? Yes. But ensure that you pay your credit card bill in full before the due date. Happy Eating!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

EQ DRY Baby’s 1st Chair and Desk REDEMPTION PROMO

Got this info from one of my yahoo group. I was so happy because at long last I can dispose the wrappers that I've been keeping since our baby was born. She had used EQ DRY for the longest time. I could have continued using it because of the low cost but our little girl started to get rashes few months ago. I then switched to another brand. Nevertheless, I still kept our EQ wrappers because I knew that EQ has seasonal promos.

As of today, I can get a set of chair and table because I have accumulated the exact points needed to avail of the set. I am eyeing on the Ladybug set. Hope there would be enough stock.

Tomorrow, I'll be giving my wrappers to my friend. He will ask her sister to submit our wrappers to JS unitrade office which is just near her area together with my friend's wrappers too. Thanks in Advance!

Promo Notes:
1. Promo period: May 7- July 21, 2010
2. EQ Dry with Cloth-like cover will still be accepted.
3. Points required: Chair = 26pts. , Table = 42 pts.

I'm attending the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on Saturday

I've been a member of the "Think Rich Pinoy" network after attending the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar. This seminar is being offered every quarter normally a week after the TR Coaching. I was not able to attend last quarter due to short notice. But I ensured that I'll be able to attend the next schedule which is on Saturday.

By the way, I just got an email from Larry today that there are still available seats.

Details of the Seminar:
Place: Philam Life Building, UN Avenue, Manila
Date: May 15,2010, Saturday
Time: 8am to 6pm
Seminar Price: Php 2950
Payment can be made via Paypal/Bank Deposit.

Hope to see you there!


I got this info from the BFB site. This is just one of the many Freebies for being a member of the site. We get information on free webinars like this.

This is a part of the email I got from Trace:

Commercial real estate - apartment buildings, retail strip malls
office buildings - are a lot more lucrative than houses. You want
proof? Donald Trump does not buy-fix and re-sell houses, right?
Robert Kiyosaki's real estate holdings are primarily apartments
and storage units. The thing is most people think commercial
real estate is too BIG for them.
Nothing can be further from the truth.
I acquired two apartment buildings - one a 36-unit and another a
133-unit complex - both for NO MONEY DOWN. And the amount
of work I do is the same in apartments vs. houses....
and here's the SWEET FACT: the cashflow from my 133-unit
apartment complex is equal to the cashflows of 50 houses!
I paid a mentor $10,000 so he can teach me how to do this and
the fee I gave him is worth it.
You are luckier than me for 2 reasons.
1. There's an impending TIDAL WAVE of foreclosures of
commercial properties in the next few months. This means
(I bought buildings when the market was HOT so I overpaid
for them...you will have massive opportunities to pick up
commercial properties DIRT CHEAP!)
2. DC Fawcett and Karen Hanover are going to teach you
for free - in a webinar - how to buy commercial properties
and they will even partner with you...
- they will teach you how to do it...then...
- you go and find a good commercial property...then...
- they give you the money to buy it...then...
- you - and DC & Karen split the profit...
Find out more details by clicking HERE
I wish I had partners like DC and Karen when I started...
I would have saved that $10,000 and I would have acquired
more buildings. Take advantage of your LUCK by attending
DC's and Karen's webinar - HERE
dedicated to your success,

Buy First Deal (BFD) Site

After attending the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar, I take action and had been searching the net for other sources of income that we can look into.

I don't remember how I found the Buy your First Deal Site. But what I remember is that, since then I got hooked.

There are a lot of things that I've learned. There are a lot of information being shared by Trace Trajano about real estate like:
1. How to spot a GOOD DEAL.
2. How to pre-screen a seller and a buyer.
3. How to raise a capital from private investors.
4. How to purchase a house with "No Money Down".
5. How to do extreme marketing.

Actually, there are a lot more.
What I like most about the site and Trace is the fact that he's not doing it just because of money but because he has a vision of creating millions of millionaires in the Philippines. It may sound patriotic but I admit I am one too. It's not a bad idea after all.

If you want to know more, click this to go to BFD site.

ASK and You Shall Receive - Waiver of Credit Card Annual Fee

YES, I did it again.

I did the same thing that I did last Year.

1. Called the Bank.
2. Asked them if my annual fee can be waived.
3. Waited while they are checking my account.
4. Smiled when I knew that it was approved.
5. Wrote the Request Reference #.
6. Checked online after 2 days.

Easy, right?
We just really need to ask and we shall receive.
A reminder though, that we just need to use the benefits of credit cards but never over use it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Decent Lunch from Chowking for only 40 pesos

Thanks to BPI and Chowking's Partnership. Last Monday we had another decent meal from Chowking for only 40pesos. It was consists of two Lauriat meal (Pork and Fish), 2 vegetable soup and 1 Large Drink for only 40 pesos. The Lauriat meal was the freebie I got from using my BPI Credit Card. I was so Happy. You too can enjoy it.

This promo runs from February to April.
For a minimum single transaction of P1,500

FREE Chorizo Chaofan or Spicy Pork Mushroom Rice

For a minimum single transaction of P3,000
FREE Breaded Fish Lauriat or Breaded Pork Lauriat or Salo Dimsum Platter or Halo-Halo Fiesta (w/o Ice Cream)

For a minimum single transaction of P6,000
FREE Chowking Sulit Salo Set (good for 3)

Redemption period is until June 15, 2010.

Now, who would thought that there is no free meal nowadays? We just need to take advantage of the promos and freebies from our credit card. But also need to ensure that we pay our purchases before the due date to avoid charges.

My 1st Time Playing the CASHFLOW 101 BOARDGAME

I've been playing the CASHFLOW 101 EGAME for more than a month now. It took me more than 5 games before I won and get out of the RAT RACE. It was such an accomplishment and brought me some heavenly feeling.

Last Saturday, my group mates in Trace's Apprentice Challenge organized a CASHFLOW game. We had it in Seatlle's Best Festival Mall. We're challenged to beat the record of the Rich Dad Club in Alabang who had a player finished a RAT RACE after 30mins of playing. We started at 7:38pm and I got out of the RAT RACE 1st at exactly one hour. I got out of the FAST TRACT 10 minutes after that. I was very happy.

Things I learned:
1. Everything is manual. You really need to take responsibility of your CASHFLOW, CASH, ASSETs and LIABILITIES. It was a total DO-IT-YOURSELF process.
2. Mind your own business to be able to help others.
3. CASH is King. Ensure that you'll get your paycheck or else you'll be working for free.
4. Count your Cash on Hand to be able to leverage. Count your cash religiously and take note of it. You need this to know how to decide on DEALS either SMALL or BIG.

We finished the game at exactly 2.5 Hours since we started the game. We all enjoyed and already looking forward to the next CASH FLOW game session. By the way, I would also like to thanks Raymond for organizing and Aries for facilitating the game!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Practical Things I Learned Today

I commuted from Gen. Trias to Greenbelt Makati this afternoon to attend the TAC meeting. I was not commuting for the past 3 years and here are some things I realized and learned today

1. Riding MRT can actually save you time and money compared to riding a TAXI.
*** Thanks to the lady whom I sat beside the bus. She advised that I take the MRT rather than a TAXI. I can save time due to traffic. Makati have lots of one-way streets.
*** I lot of things changed in the MRT system. I can say that it has improved a lot. They are now more systematic. There's still hope for the Philippines.

2. There are still good people around.
*** Filipinos are still accomodating. I ask for directions and I got them.
*** There are still men who offer seats to women and elders. Thanks to the man in the MRT. He gave me more space to be seated and then offer his seat when an old lady rode the MRT.

3. Walk for a GOOD talk.
*** I could have rode a taxi from Greenbelt to Pasay Rotonda but I chose to walk with my Team mate to Landmark. We had a nice talk. We're able to share feelings about the challenge and ideas on how to win in the next challenges.
*** Actually, walking can also help us lose some of those calories.

4. Keep a BOOK Handy.
*** I got bored inside the bus due to traffic. Having a book to read could have save me from boredom while on travel.

5. If you're a woman, sit beside a woman for PEACE of MIND.
*** But also try not to sleep for safety. This is just my POV.

6. Be Mindful of your Belongings. *** Better be safe than Sorry.

7. Pray for Safety and Be Blessed.
*** It's not that really bad to commute after all. I didn't had a hard time.
*** I got home early and safe.

8. Fare is now expensive.

*** My total fare expenses today:
A/C Bus from Manggahan Gen. Trias to Pasay Rotonda = 40
MRT = 14 (I bought the lowest single entry ticket available to save time)
A/C BUS from SM Makati to Alabang via SKYWAY = 35
Jeep = 20
Tricycle = 25
TOTAL : P 120
*** The fare I spent can already buy 3-5 kilos of rice.

Here are my practical learnings today. I'll share the things I have noted from the TAC meeting on my next blog entry. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st Ever Think RICH Quick Seminar

We bought 3 books about real estate after the Truly Rich Coaching Program which are:
1. Think Rich Pinoy
2. Grow Rich Pinoy
3. Think Rich, Quick

They are all good and very inspiring. I've been searching the web for the next seminars of the TRP since it is normally being done every quarter. However, the next schedule is still on May 15,2010. We missed the seminar last February 27. Then, I chanced upon the Foreclosure Philippines blog which is promoting the 1st ever Think Rich Quick seminar by Trace Trajano. Hubby and I both registered on the training and we can say that it's all worth it but it could have been better if the course was not made to fit in one day because there are lot of things and details that the participants would like to know.

Anyway, below are some of the things that we have noted during the seminar/workshop:
1. There are 5Ms to Millions (mindset, mastery, management, mentor and mastermind).
2. Extreme Marketing is needed to sell Houses fast.
3. 3Ms in Marketing a property (Media, Market and Message).
4. Requirements of a Buyer
a. Landlords = High Cashflow
b. Renovators = High Equity
5. COIN (Center of Influence Networking) could help in getting deals done.
6. We need to pre-screen sellers by answering the WOWWW questions
- Worth, Owe, What Repair, Why Selling and What minimum amount the seller is willing to take
- They should be motivated.
7. MAO = Maximum Allowable Offer (Universal Acquisition Equation).
8. We can raise money via text and phonecall.
9. We need to build a level of trust.
10. Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Investors
- Implementation
- Believes in YCDBSOA (you can't do business sitting on your ass)
11. We have a virtual mentor in www.buyfirstdeal.ning.com
12. We learn by doing.
13. Success = Right Attitude + Right Strategy
14. We need to ask for referral to borrow credibility.
- credibility = trust = business
15. Deal = Power
16. Money is Money but a DEAL is UNIQUE.
17. Real Estate vs. Stock Market
- Real Estate is Safer
- Stock Market does not guarantee gain
*** Banks doesn't loan money even if this will be used to buy their company's stocks.
18. Potential Investors
- Long Time Employees with Bank Savings
- OFWs
- Businessmen/Employees with less time and little knowledge on Real Estate
19. We can Leverage on OPR (Other People's Money) and OPT (Other People's Time).
20. Howto convince Investors
- Prospectus
- Good Track Record
- Documentation

The seminar is actually not a seminar but a workshop. We had exercises which were discussed within a group. We really learned by doing.

Trace also mentioned that he has plans of establishing a Real Estate Business here in the Philippines and is searching for business partners. He launched a "TAC - Trace Apprentice Challenge". There would be 10 teams who will be competing with each other. Each team is composed of at least 5 members which is composed of a CEO, acquisition manager, property manager, marketing manager and a sales manager. The team who scores the most after the challenges will be the winner and would be his business partners.

We are challenged and so I joined a team which we named as MIB (Millionaires to Infinity and Beyond). The 1st challenge is already done. RYP team won. It's ok. We still have a chance. GO MIB GO!!!! GO! GO! GO.

Before I forget, if you ask if I can recommend the training. Definitely YES!

Friday, April 2, 2010


In every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

There could never be any reaction if you would not ACT. You LEARN while you DO things. We need to THINK IT, LEARN IT and DO IT.

I just finished reading GROW RICH PINOY. It's so INSPIRING.

Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar

Hubby and I attended the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar Last February 19-20 which is 3 months after we attended the Truly Rich Seminar. I really wanted to attend both seminars but I was hesitant to inform hubby because the coaching seminar is quite expensive. Never thought that he would also be interested in attending. Unfortunately, the coaching seminar was already fully booked during the Truly Rich Seminar. I just ensured that we get to register in the next coaching seminar.

The seminar, like Bo Sanchez mentioned, is a buffet of choices for investments. We learned about:

1. Stock Market (EIP of Citisec Online)
2. Mutual Funds
3. X-curve
4. Secrets of Businessmen
5. Real Estate Investing
6. Internet Marketing

Things that I have noted are:
1. Time is GOLD. I should have not delayed the training but it's never too late.
2. Don't be a Procrastinator.
3. Communication is the Key.
-Small Minds talk about people
-Medium Mind talk about events.
-Big Minds talk about ideas.
4. Poverty is in the Mind.
" The Moment that you think you are POOR, is the time you become POOR".
5. Give the Best even at Worst.
6. You can decide to have a GOOD day.
7. Open your eyes to opportunity.
8. A good business plan is bankable.
9. Find a business partner by chemistry not by $$$.
10. Whatever Happens, TRUST GOD.
11. If you are a generous giver, you can claim.
12. SECRET of the RICH (Passive Income > Monthly Expenses)
13. To become successful, you need to stretch out of your comfort Zone.
14. The RICH is not the 1 who has the most but the 1 who needs the least.
15. No matter how much you increase your income, maintain your lifestyle.
16. Prosperity Plan - Plan while it is EASY.
17. Financial Disaster - Starting to Plan when the problem is already there.
18. INSURANCE is like renting. HOUSE is like savings.
19. Don't mess with your CASHFLOW.
20. Don't go Mingle company and personal funds.
21. Always be closing.
22. Your SPARE TIME is the BEST TIME to BUILD your WEALTH.

After the seminar, we both think that the money we paid for the seminar is all worth it.
1. We're able to listen to the CEOs of good companies.
2.We learned a lot of new things.
** There are things that we're doing before about the stock market that were wrong.
3. We heard a lot of inspirational talk. They also shared their mistakes that could help us avoid them.

We recommend this seminar to everyone. Trust us, it's worth every cent. If only I can turn back the clock, we'll attend this training years earlier.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Levels of Authority for Everyone's Success

We normally see frames containing this list inside our company. Mostly inside the conference rooms. It is only now that I realize that these could also be applied on our journey to financial freedom.

1. Do it and Don't Tell.
2. Do it and Tell after Doing.
3. Ask Permission to Do it.
4. Recommend what needs to be done.
5. Wait to be told what to do before doing.
6. #5 but don't do it.
7. #5, #6 plus complain about it.

Action is the key to success and the worst this you can do is do nothing and complain about it.  At times, I belong to one of these levels but my Goal it to stay in #1 and/or 2. You, do you know where you stand?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feast Declaration of Abundance - Novena to God's Love by Bo Sanchez

Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.
Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s universe.
Today, I open myself to Your blessings, healing, and miracles.
Today, I open myself to God’s Word so that I become more like Jesus every day.
Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved.
I’m God’s Servant,
I’m God’s Powerful Champion,

And because I am blessed,
I will bless the world,
In Jesus’ Name.


Ask and you shall receive.
Seek and you shall find.
Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thought on Spending

"If you keep on BUYING things you DON'T NEED, you'll end up SELLING the things you NEED."

IMG in the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar

Lesson from the Feast: Prosper series 2 - SERVE

Just serve, even if you don't like it...
Even if you don't feel it.....
Even if you hate it.......
SERVE even when it hurts
You'll be rewarded.
May not be today but it will.... in God's Time.

Lesson from the Feast: Prosper series 2.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More than a 20 Pesos

Yesterday, hubby was invited to be a sponsor of a child of of one of our colleagues. We bought our 1yo daughter with us minus our yaya. Having a toddler in tow is really hard but we want it that way since we are working and weekend is the only time we can have with her.

While I am taking care of our baby, a sampaguita boy asked me to buy from him. I told him that I will buy later. I saw a nice smile from him and said, "mamaya ha?" (It's a deal, right?).

When the ceremony ended and forgot about the boy. He approached me and reminded me of my "promise". He prepared the 10pesos worth of sampaguita. I felt guilty of forgetting my promise thus I asked him to make it 20pesos. After getting the sampaguita. I already took care of our little girl but when I turned around, the boy is still around and then said to me " Thank you, ate". I gae him a smile.

I got surprise and I still can't believe that our 20pesos can give us such a heavenly feeling. The smile and the appeciation that I saw from the boy's face is worth more than 20pesos.


I want to earn a lot of 20pesos to receive more smiles. Hehehe Kidding aside, this incident drives me more to become more wealthy to be able to help more. More is More.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Intelligence vs. Ignorance

I encountered this quote 3x yesterday and would want to share it with you. Simple yet true.


1. Audio Book by Robert Kiyosaki
2. IMG Website
3. Grow Rich Pinoy Book by Larry Gamboa

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Free Lunch

Hubby and I had another Free lunch c/o BPI. The charged slips we got from our purchases enabled us to have fish fillet lauriat and spicy pork mushroom rice for lunch. We just bought a large drink, vegetable soup and a 3-pc siomai. All in all, we just spent 79 pesos for a decent lunch. Not bad, huh.

But remember, enjoy your credit card perks but never be a victim of their high interest rate. Be wise!

QUOTE for the day (from Robert T. Kiyosaki):

Be careful with your words because it becomes flesh. And the flesh becomes your Future.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goals for 2010 (REVB)

Hubby and I attended Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar 2 weeks ago and we can say that it's all worth every cent. We'll be posting our realizations and lessons learned on a separate blog entry. For the meantime, see below for some revisions we made on our REVA Goals.

1. Maintain the # of Coop Share deduction for our Emergency Fund.
a. Reduce # of Coop Share Reduction for our planned monthly investments.
b. Withdraw a portion of our Coop shares for investments and business.

2. Create other Sources of Income thru business.
- Tshirt Printing. Need to attend TRC Training (FEB or MARCH) - Backlogged.
- Personalized item/Scrapbooking Need to know how to promote/ Advertise
- Food Business Add to 2011 Goal
Additional to our list:
- Study Real Estate Investing
- Milk Retailing - started last week. Goal is to get our daughter's milk for free.
- Check for our opportunities.

3.Attend Bo Sanchez Group's Seminars
- Truly Rich Financial Coaching - Couple - DONE!
- Investing in Real Estate - Hubby
- Internet Marketing- Me

4. Minimize our Expenses - No Change
- Limit Lunch out during weekdays
- Utilities- follow tipid tips for water, electricity
- Limit consumables by having a weekly plan the dishes to cook and create a schedule for laundry and ironing of clothes.

5. Additional Investments - Complete Re-write
- Mutual fund (40% of our Coop Withdrawal)
** 35% for our Retirement
** 5% for our Daughter's Educ Plan
- Stocks (35% of our Coop Withdrawal))
Where are the other 30%?
- 10% - Tithe
- 10% - Milk Retailing Business
- 5% - 3rd Year Payment of our VUL.

6. Insurances
- Renew our Fire Insurance - Broker tbd.
- Update Beneficiaries
- Check/Revew - Life insurance
- Get an Educuational Plan for our daughter - converted to MF investment.
- Get a Retirement Plan - will not pursue. Will get our Retirement funds from the investments today.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quote for the Day....

Set Goals for your Money because others are already setting their Goals to get all your money.

- Some lessons learned from Truly Rich Finacial Coaching Program

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goals for 2010 (revA)

Hubby and I set our 2010 goals 2 days before year 2009 ended but was not able to blog it. It was the RevA. After the seminar we have attended last week, we come up to our REVB. Let me show you 1st our REVA:

1. Maintain the # of Coop Share deduction for our Emergency Fund.

2. Create Other Sources of Income thru business.
- Tshirt Printing - Need to attend TRC Training (FEB or MARCH)
-. Personalized items/Scrapbooking - Need to know how to promote/ Advertise
- Food Business - Add to 2011 Goal

3.Attend Bo Sanchez Group's Seminars
- Coaching - Couple
- Real Estate - Hubby
- Internet - Me

4. Minimize our Expenses
- Limit Lunch outs during weekdays
- Utilities- follow tipid tips for water and electricity.
- Limit consumables by having a weekly plan for the dishes to cook and create a schedule for laundry and ironing of clothes"

5. Additional Investments
- 25k mutual fund (will be from our Midyear Bonuses)
- 20k Top-up for VUL (from our Coop Dividends)
- 100k for bonds if there would be offerings (will withdraw some shares from coop)
- Stocks (Amount:TBD)

6. Insurances
- Renew our Fire Insurance - might get from Philam again. BDO proposal is not as good as Philam.
- Update Beneficiaries
- Check/Review getting a Life insurance
- Get an Educuational Plan for our daughter
- Get a Retirement Plan
* Contact our new Agent and sched a meeting.


This is a super late 2009 Goals Review. But it's better late than never. Our goal was supposed to be reviewed every quarter but was only able to do it for 2 consecutive quarter. You can see our 1st quarter review here. And here is our year end review.

1.After giving birth, transfer part of USD savings from BDO regular savings to PS Bank or China Bank TD. - GOOD: DONE. Not in PS Bank or China Bank but in Asia Trust because they have the higher interest rate.

2. Current EF is at 25%. By the end of the year, it should be more than 50%. GOOD. We initially accounted for the money we have in our regular savings account. We forgot about our savings in our coop. Combining the 2, we now have more than 50%.

3. Transfer part of our EF to either BPI Direct TD or China Bank TD (whichever have the higher interest). BAD: Not done.

4. Invest in Mutual Fund (PAMI and/or Phil EQ). BAD: Not done.

5. Increase investments in Philippine Stock Market. BAD: Not done.

6. Renew our insurances. Moderate: We renew only one of our insurances.

7. Get a HS and/or College Plan for our soon to arrive Baby or just increase our investments. Moderate: Backlogged. We haven't made up our mind if we'll get one because of the bad news that we're hearing on pre-need plan companies.

8. Keep our Company Stocks (Grants and ESPP) intact and wait for the up turn. GOOD: We're keeping them.

Not bad at all. We have 3 good, 3 bad and 2 moderate. I will be posting our 2010 GOALs soon.