Thursday, April 22, 2010

Decent Lunch from Chowking for only 40 pesos

Thanks to BPI and Chowking's Partnership. Last Monday we had another decent meal from Chowking for only 40pesos. It was consists of two Lauriat meal (Pork and Fish), 2 vegetable soup and 1 Large Drink for only 40 pesos. The Lauriat meal was the freebie I got from using my BPI Credit Card. I was so Happy. You too can enjoy it.

This promo runs from February to April.
For a minimum single transaction of P1,500

FREE Chorizo Chaofan or Spicy Pork Mushroom Rice

For a minimum single transaction of P3,000
FREE Breaded Fish Lauriat or Breaded Pork Lauriat or Salo Dimsum Platter or Halo-Halo Fiesta (w/o Ice Cream)

For a minimum single transaction of P6,000
FREE Chowking Sulit Salo Set (good for 3)

Redemption period is until June 15, 2010.

Now, who would thought that there is no free meal nowadays? We just need to take advantage of the promos and freebies from our credit card. But also need to ensure that we pay our purchases before the due date to avoid charges.

My 1st Time Playing the CASHFLOW 101 BOARDGAME

I've been playing the CASHFLOW 101 EGAME for more than a month now. It took me more than 5 games before I won and get out of the RAT RACE. It was such an accomplishment and brought me some heavenly feeling.

Last Saturday, my group mates in Trace's Apprentice Challenge organized a CASHFLOW game. We had it in Seatlle's Best Festival Mall. We're challenged to beat the record of the Rich Dad Club in Alabang who had a player finished a RAT RACE after 30mins of playing. We started at 7:38pm and I got out of the RAT RACE 1st at exactly one hour. I got out of the FAST TRACT 10 minutes after that. I was very happy.

Things I learned:
1. Everything is manual. You really need to take responsibility of your CASHFLOW, CASH, ASSETs and LIABILITIES. It was a total DO-IT-YOURSELF process.
2. Mind your own business to be able to help others.
3. CASH is King. Ensure that you'll get your paycheck or else you'll be working for free.
4. Count your Cash on Hand to be able to leverage. Count your cash religiously and take note of it. You need this to know how to decide on DEALS either SMALL or BIG.

We finished the game at exactly 2.5 Hours since we started the game. We all enjoyed and already looking forward to the next CASH FLOW game session. By the way, I would also like to thanks Raymond for organizing and Aries for facilitating the game!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Practical Things I Learned Today

I commuted from Gen. Trias to Greenbelt Makati this afternoon to attend the TAC meeting. I was not commuting for the past 3 years and here are some things I realized and learned today

1. Riding MRT can actually save you time and money compared to riding a TAXI.
*** Thanks to the lady whom I sat beside the bus. She advised that I take the MRT rather than a TAXI. I can save time due to traffic. Makati have lots of one-way streets.
*** I lot of things changed in the MRT system. I can say that it has improved a lot. They are now more systematic. There's still hope for the Philippines.

2. There are still good people around.
*** Filipinos are still accomodating. I ask for directions and I got them.
*** There are still men who offer seats to women and elders. Thanks to the man in the MRT. He gave me more space to be seated and then offer his seat when an old lady rode the MRT.

3. Walk for a GOOD talk.
*** I could have rode a taxi from Greenbelt to Pasay Rotonda but I chose to walk with my Team mate to Landmark. We had a nice talk. We're able to share feelings about the challenge and ideas on how to win in the next challenges.
*** Actually, walking can also help us lose some of those calories.

4. Keep a BOOK Handy.
*** I got bored inside the bus due to traffic. Having a book to read could have save me from boredom while on travel.

5. If you're a woman, sit beside a woman for PEACE of MIND.
*** But also try not to sleep for safety. This is just my POV.

6. Be Mindful of your Belongings. *** Better be safe than Sorry.

7. Pray for Safety and Be Blessed.
*** It's not that really bad to commute after all. I didn't had a hard time.
*** I got home early and safe.

8. Fare is now expensive.

*** My total fare expenses today:
A/C Bus from Manggahan Gen. Trias to Pasay Rotonda = 40
MRT = 14 (I bought the lowest single entry ticket available to save time)
A/C BUS from SM Makati to Alabang via SKYWAY = 35
Jeep = 20
Tricycle = 25
TOTAL : P 120
*** The fare I spent can already buy 3-5 kilos of rice.

Here are my practical learnings today. I'll share the things I have noted from the TAC meeting on my next blog entry. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st Ever Think RICH Quick Seminar

We bought 3 books about real estate after the Truly Rich Coaching Program which are:
1. Think Rich Pinoy
2. Grow Rich Pinoy
3. Think Rich, Quick

They are all good and very inspiring. I've been searching the web for the next seminars of the TRP since it is normally being done every quarter. However, the next schedule is still on May 15,2010. We missed the seminar last February 27. Then, I chanced upon the Foreclosure Philippines blog which is promoting the 1st ever Think Rich Quick seminar by Trace Trajano. Hubby and I both registered on the training and we can say that it's all worth it but it could have been better if the course was not made to fit in one day because there are lot of things and details that the participants would like to know.

Anyway, below are some of the things that we have noted during the seminar/workshop:
1. There are 5Ms to Millions (mindset, mastery, management, mentor and mastermind).
2. Extreme Marketing is needed to sell Houses fast.
3. 3Ms in Marketing a property (Media, Market and Message).
4. Requirements of a Buyer
a. Landlords = High Cashflow
b. Renovators = High Equity
5. COIN (Center of Influence Networking) could help in getting deals done.
6. We need to pre-screen sellers by answering the WOWWW questions
- Worth, Owe, What Repair, Why Selling and What minimum amount the seller is willing to take
- They should be motivated.
7. MAO = Maximum Allowable Offer (Universal Acquisition Equation).
8. We can raise money via text and phonecall.
9. We need to build a level of trust.
10. Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Investors
- Implementation
- Believes in YCDBSOA (you can't do business sitting on your ass)
11. We have a virtual mentor in
12. We learn by doing.
13. Success = Right Attitude + Right Strategy
14. We need to ask for referral to borrow credibility.
- credibility = trust = business
15. Deal = Power
16. Money is Money but a DEAL is UNIQUE.
17. Real Estate vs. Stock Market
- Real Estate is Safer
- Stock Market does not guarantee gain
*** Banks doesn't loan money even if this will be used to buy their company's stocks.
18. Potential Investors
- Long Time Employees with Bank Savings
- OFWs
- Businessmen/Employees with less time and little knowledge on Real Estate
19. We can Leverage on OPR (Other People's Money) and OPT (Other People's Time).
20. Howto convince Investors
- Prospectus
- Good Track Record
- Documentation

The seminar is actually not a seminar but a workshop. We had exercises which were discussed within a group. We really learned by doing.

Trace also mentioned that he has plans of establishing a Real Estate Business here in the Philippines and is searching for business partners. He launched a "TAC - Trace Apprentice Challenge". There would be 10 teams who will be competing with each other. Each team is composed of at least 5 members which is composed of a CEO, acquisition manager, property manager, marketing manager and a sales manager. The team who scores the most after the challenges will be the winner and would be his business partners.

We are challenged and so I joined a team which we named as MIB (Millionaires to Infinity and Beyond). The 1st challenge is already done. RYP team won. It's ok. We still have a chance. GO MIB GO!!!! GO! GO! GO.

Before I forget, if you ask if I can recommend the training. Definitely YES!

Friday, April 2, 2010


In every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION.

There could never be any reaction if you would not ACT. You LEARN while you DO things. We need to THINK IT, LEARN IT and DO IT.

I just finished reading GROW RICH PINOY. It's so INSPIRING.

Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar

Hubby and I attended the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar Last February 19-20 which is 3 months after we attended the Truly Rich Seminar. I really wanted to attend both seminars but I was hesitant to inform hubby because the coaching seminar is quite expensive. Never thought that he would also be interested in attending. Unfortunately, the coaching seminar was already fully booked during the Truly Rich Seminar. I just ensured that we get to register in the next coaching seminar.

The seminar, like Bo Sanchez mentioned, is a buffet of choices for investments. We learned about:

1. Stock Market (EIP of Citisec Online)
2. Mutual Funds
3. X-curve
4. Secrets of Businessmen
5. Real Estate Investing
6. Internet Marketing

Things that I have noted are:
1. Time is GOLD. I should have not delayed the training but it's never too late.
2. Don't be a Procrastinator.
3. Communication is the Key.
-Small Minds talk about people
-Medium Mind talk about events.
-Big Minds talk about ideas.
4. Poverty is in the Mind.
" The Moment that you think you are POOR, is the time you become POOR".
5. Give the Best even at Worst.
6. You can decide to have a GOOD day.
7. Open your eyes to opportunity.
8. A good business plan is bankable.
9. Find a business partner by chemistry not by $$$.
10. Whatever Happens, TRUST GOD.
11. If you are a generous giver, you can claim.
12. SECRET of the RICH (Passive Income > Monthly Expenses)
13. To become successful, you need to stretch out of your comfort Zone.
14. The RICH is not the 1 who has the most but the 1 who needs the least.
15. No matter how much you increase your income, maintain your lifestyle.
16. Prosperity Plan - Plan while it is EASY.
17. Financial Disaster - Starting to Plan when the problem is already there.
18. INSURANCE is like renting. HOUSE is like savings.
19. Don't mess with your CASHFLOW.
20. Don't go Mingle company and personal funds.
21. Always be closing.
22. Your SPARE TIME is the BEST TIME to BUILD your WEALTH.

After the seminar, we both think that the money we paid for the seminar is all worth it.
1. We're able to listen to the CEOs of good companies.
2.We learned a lot of new things.
** There are things that we're doing before about the stock market that were wrong.
3. We heard a lot of inspirational talk. They also shared their mistakes that could help us avoid them.

We recommend this seminar to everyone. Trust us, it's worth every cent. If only I can turn back the clock, we'll attend this training years earlier.