Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seminar Review: Business 101 by Marco Victoria and others

My husband and I attended this seminar last Saturday. Our primary reason is to be guided by the "PROs" in improving the business that I just recently started and the business that we plan to start next year.

Attending this seminar is one of the best things that we did before the end of the year. There will be more even though there are only few days before the year ends because we believe that successful people have a bias for action and we want to be one of them. Why plan for success at the beginning of the year when you can do it before the year ends and start immediately on DAY1 of 2014.

By the way, one of the reason that we attended this seminar is to support the cause of the organizer of this event which is SHARE MOVEMENT.

Shown below are the points that I learned and noted and will take into action.

From Marco (PART1)
1. Business is for Everybody
2. Before going into business... Find your business "WHY"
3. Attitude and Mindset of Entrepreneur
 a. Aggressive Action
   = Aggressive + Action Doer
   = Look out for needs and Demands of People
   = Don't just look at the present.. look at the future. (Example based on the recent Yolanda Tragedy. Think of the Ice Plant instead of Body Bag).
   = The enemy of Action is FEAR.
   = People will doubt you but just keep on moving and never give up.
   = Set Target. Set Goal. WRITE IT.
   = " I can do it, I don't know when but I CAN DO IT.
   = Opportunities are always under your Nose. If your head is always up, you will not see it.
   = Be careful of MLM, ensure that products will continue to be there in the future. (See 3.a)
   = Be careful of getting a Franchise, ensure that the franchise you're investing in has a GOOD SUPPORT System.
   = Enemy of Overhead
   = Keep on Asking to Get the Best Deal.
   = Find a Business Mentor
   = Having a mentor is not easy. It is hard but it will teach you humility.
4. OVERCOME FEAR else you'll be
  a. Scared to Risk
  b. Lazy to Start
5. The primary difference between rich people and poor people is how they handle fear. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

From Pauline C. Pontiano 
1. Discover your PASSION
 - You think of it 24/7
 - Will work for Passion
 - Go Overtime without pay
 - You Live, Breathe amd Become it.
2. Use our God-Given Gift
 - It is something that He has planted in our heart to make people feel His Love.

From Sha Nacino (Discovering your Life Purpose
1. Passion is something that you do that when you start doing it, it will be hard for you to stop.
3. Purpose and PASSION can be interchanged. They should be connected.
 a. You Love to do
 b. You Do Best
 c. Gives Value to Others
 *** "A" and "B" should be the same, else it will be a disaster. :)
4. How to Discover Your Life Purpose
 a. Mindset: Serve 1st, money will follow
 b. TAKE the 1st STEP, the Next Step will UNFOLD.
   ** Create a Notebook/Idea Bank. Write your Idea before you forget about it. Then let your subconscious work on it.
 c. CARRY ON. PERSEVERE - believe in yourself.
5. Make your PASSION your PROFESSION
 > This will increase your Happiness and Productivity.
 a. Happiness
 b. Inspiration
 c. Meaning
7. In Him as your Business Partner, what is there you can't achieve.

From Molly Baylon
1. Every Dream comes from wound/pain.
2. Use your pain wisely.
3. Invest in yourself.
4. Know the difference between "Inggit and Pangarap" (Envy vs. Dream/Wish)
5. Too much happiness can make you blind.
6. Pain can open our eyes to Opportunities.

From Marco (Part 2)
1. Initial Business Investment
 a. Time
 b. Talent
 c. Treasure
 *** If you lack in one thing, use what you have to gain the one you lack. (ex, if you're not good in math/accounting (talent), use your treasure to hire an accountant.
2. Know that WHAT,HOW,WHY of your Business.
 WHAT - Product/Service
 WHY - PURPOSE (This will drive you)
3. Also Know the WHO, WHERE, WHAT VALUE and WHY2
 WHO - your market (demographic)
 WHERE - your market (geographic)
 WHAT - value do you give your market
 WHY - reason they will buy from you compared to your competitor.
    ** Have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
4. Write what you want.
5. The Story of the Moso Bamboo
 - Be patient when you see/feel that your business is not growing. This may be the season where you are growing your roots longer and deeper. Use this season to build your network and yourself. Invest in yourself.

Indeed, it was a great seminar. We exceeded the time but the attendees didn't mind and stayed even until the seminar ends. I already heard/read some of the information before but it is more empowering to hear if from those who is already walking their talk. We learned from their mistakes. We also learned techniques and new ways to improve my new business.

The Seminar is a must for those who are already into business and also to those who are still to start a business. It will help them start right.

I will highly recommend this seminar!!!

In Summary:
Price: Php 500 only (Knowing that all proceeds of the seminar will be donated to Joseph Feeding Mission make it priceless. Also, kudos to the speakers who selflessly shared their experiences for free. May God bless your business more.)
Seminar Content: Super Check
Recommended: Super Check

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kerygma Conference 2013

Pardon me for being MIA in this blog for a long time. A lot on things happened in last few months. Some of the good and not so good things that happened to me are shown below:
1. I gave birth last May to a healthy baby boy.
2. I returned to the hospital 3 days after I was discharged due to elevated Blood pressure.
3. My Eldest start going to school.
4. Experienced post partum depression :(

I may had my downs but I am still fighting the negativity around and attended Kerygma Conference 2013. True enough, we were blessed by the Conference. We learned a lot and got empowered.

The Classes we attended were:
1. Powerful Business: VISION: Attaining the Millionaire's Mindset by Dean Pax Lapid.
2. Powerful Business: MISSION: Loving our Customer by Bro. Bo Sanchez and Edward Lee
3. Powerful Business: ACTION: How to Effectively Sell Your Product by Krish Dhanam and Francis Miranda
4. Marriage: SEX Factor Christian View on Intimacy) by Pilar Tolentino
5. Marriage: Family Idol: Win in all Areas of your Relationship by Michele Alignay, Pia Hontiveros-Pagkalinawanan & Rwin Pagkalinawan.

Aside from these classes, there were plenary talks given by Andy Comiskey, Krish Dhanam and Bro. Bo Sanchez and all of them were empowering.

Below are some of the key points that I have noted:

Plenary Talk by Andy Comiskey
1. God's mercy is more powerful than our sexual brokenness.
2. Jesus hated the traditions of men.
3. We are all children of God.

Plenary Talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez
1. You're wiser than you think you are.
2. The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your decisions.
3. To make great decisions in life, consult a wise person.
4. Let these verses be our guide:
    a. PSALM 90:12 - Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
    b. PSALM 39:4 - “Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.
5. YOU'RE NEXT.... you're one heart beat away from eternity.
6. The only way to live an awesome life is to think of your death everyday.
7. Age is relative.
 > Imagine your death bed.
 > Allow your older you to talk to the younger you.
9. Five (5) Messages from the OLD Dying Bo
 a. Everything goes back into the box. (Luke 12:20)
 b. Honor your own dreams. (Luke 10:40)
  - What is your ONE THING?
  - There would be distractions. Other people will distract us but we need to focus on our ONE Thing.
 c. Don't waste your time in useless conflicts.
  - Life is to short to carry grudges, hatreds and hurts.
  - We need to learn to love others from a distance.
  - Choose our battles well.
  - You're not the savior of the world. We only have one Savior - JESUS!
 d. Don't work too hard. Always create space for LOVE.
 e. Enjoy the present moment. LIVE IN YOUR NOW.

CLASS 1: Dean Pax Lapid
1. Yearning to Learn, Yearning to Earn.
2. Work on your Mind. Work on your attitude.
 a. Poverty is the root of all evil.
 b. Action through definiteness of purpose (personal, spiritual and financial) is the key to happiness.
 c. they look forward to new beginnings and test the unknown.
 d. Money is managed logically towards its use and investment.
 e. You use other people's money (leverage) and other people's time (organization/networking).
 f. They teach their children specific knowledge/skills of value for them to EARN-SAVE-INVEST.
4. Five (5) Rules of Abundance:
 a. 10-20-70 Rule (Eternity, Emancipation, Expense)
 b. Profitable Use of Money (E's to Prosperity - Estate (Real Estate), Enterprise (Business), Stock Market)
 c. Mastermind and Mentor. Be careful with people not walking their talk.
 d. If you jump... know what you're getting into.
 e. Be careful with your heart.
 - Not based on LUCK but based on LOCK that you UNLOCK.
6. POWER of Ambition - Create a dream book, Write/use the Novena to God's love, have a definite plan (ways and means) to achieve your dream, write your dreams.
7. POWER OF VISUALIZATION - you can never hit a target you can't see.
 - DREAMS of a Millionaire Mind > Positive, Personal, Presence Tense.
 - response with your ability to the opportunity
 - don't be a mediocre
9. KINDS of FAILURE - Thinking without Action and Acting without thinking.
10. LOVE is the greatest secret of Success. ~ Og Mandino
11. LEAD with Your Mind
 - L (Life's Ambition) - full expression
 - E (Energy to believe in the idea / opportunity)
 - A ( Action is the only Option) - Work for your own success.
 - D ( Destiny's Foundation) - Courage and Character Leads to Success
12. For Young entrepreneur, use your face value and do business with integrity.

CLASS 2: Loving your customer by Bro. Bo Sanchez
1. TRUST is deepened by the WHY of your Business.
    HOW: PROMISE that you Give (USP - Unique Selling Preposition)
**** Example of Successful Company, Organization: Apple, Truly Rich Club (Why = Good People can be Rich), The Feast (Why: We love the unchurched) and COL (Why: Everyone ought to be Rich).
2. The "RIGHT CUSTOMER" is always RIGHT.

Loving your Customer by Edward Lee
1. Don't sacrifice your service
2. Expand your products to the same Customers.
4. Spend 80% of time on marketing.
5. Learn all you can.
6. The customer you spend time with is your customer

1. Selling is a process, not an event.
2. Selling is what you do "for" someone, not "to" someone.
3. Selling is a life long journeys.
4. Selling requires both the head and heart. They should be connected.
5. Prepare to sell by having your 1st appointment with SELF not with Client.
6. PEOPLE don't but for "YOUR" reason but for "THEIR" reason.
7. Be in-charge of our actions.
8. Be a 24H Champion.
9. Happy Kids - having a father who LOVES GOD and who LOVES his WIFE.
10. Customers don't buy products, they buy solutions.
11. TRUST meet expectations over time.
12. LOVE spells T-I-M-E.
13. Success is an ongoing journey.
14. Failure is an event, not a person.
15. Be a great student. Be a great teacher.
16. Choose people to hang out with.
17. Other people's opinion don't matter. It's our own opinion that matters.
18. Three (3) TOP Lessons from Zig Ziglar - LOVE for GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY.
19. POSITIVE Thinking should be supported by Positive Affirmation.
20. While you learn, don't forget to teach.
21. Persistent vs. Annoying.
22. Discipline is a FRIEND not an ENEMY.
23. SELF MOTIVATION > change in view... OPPORTUNITY CLOCK instead of ALARM Clock.
24. Understand the difference between refusal and rejection.
25. Three Books that influenced him: BIBLE, See you at the TOP by ZIG Ziglar, Developing the Leader within You by John Maxwell.
26. Affiliation and Reputation can bring us either Success or Failure.
27. In closing a SALE: Ask direct question.
28. Consistency brings Success.. ensure you have a pipeline.
29. Morning Ritual.... Honoring the people he loves. :)

The PATHWAY of Selling by Francis MIRANDA
1. Know, Believe, Love and Share your product.
2. Know, Believe, Love and Share yourself.
3. Know yourself by knowing your strength and weaknesses.
4. Share yourself by serving our customers and surrendering ourselves to them.
5. Books that influenced him: The Well, Turn your Passion into Profit by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid.
6. Always prepare before closing a sale.
7. No two (2) closing are the same.

Plenary Talk by Krish Dhanam
1. God wants our availability not our ability. He will make us able.
2. Partial Obedience is DISOBEDIENCE.
3. LOVE - central life of Christianity.
4. If you don't feel the devil, you might be walking in the same direction.
 a. Lord Jesus, please feel free to show up at my expense.
 b. Lord Jesus, please raise my gifts but lowered me.
 c. Lord Jesus, please don't give me so much that I'll get dependent on you. Please don't give me less that I get discouraged.

Plenary Talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez
1. All progress—in any area of life—comes not from pleasure, but from pain!
2. If you push away all pain from your life, you also push away all progress from your life.
3. Successful people pursue pain.
4. Birth, Learning, Raising Great Kids, Great Marriage and Financial Prosperity requires pain.
5. Pain is temporary.  But your Purpose is permanent.
6. Your pain will prepare you for your purpose.

It is our third year attending the Kerygma Conference. And it's getting better and better. From Glory to Glory to the rising of Champions. Now, it was empowering....

It truly Empowered me. It Blessed me. NOW, I'm  ready to endure pain, face my fear, go out of my comfort zone and conquer the world. I can do all things through Christ who EMPOWERS me.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Stocks Seen to Test 7,000 Level

I was reading a newspaper in a coffee shop and this article in Philippine Daily Inquirer caught my attention. This is an exciting news especially for investors like me. Check it out.

Local stocks are expected to scale new heights this week as investors weigh in thei mpact of the investment grade rating issued by Fitch shortly before the long Lenten break.

Last week, the main-share Philippine Stock Exchange Commission gained 328.76 point, or 5%, to close at 6,847.47 on Wednesday. The market was closed on Thursday and Friday in observance of the Holy Week.

Jose Vistan of AB Capital Securities, said the main index would attempt to breach 7,000 this week.

"Trading will be upbeat as the Fitch upgrade was announced before the long holiday break," Vistan said.

On Wednesday  Fitch announced the upgrade of the Philippines'  Long-Term (IDR) to "BBB-" from "BB+" with a stable outlook, lifting the Philippine debt grade out of "junk" status for the 1st time in history.

This immediately triggered a new wave of buying at the stock market during the last hour of trade.

"Chartwise the week's close at 6,847.47 implies further tests toward the 6,900-7,000 levels," Jonathan Ravelas of Banco de Oro Unibank. But failure to test those levels could prompt some profit-taking toward the 6,575 to 6,600 levels, he added.

Year-to-date, the PSEi has rallied by 17.8% or 1,034.74 points. The main index has also logged a total of 24 record closing highs since the start of the year.

"We are now officially an investment grade country.... and this is an achievement that we all should be proud of," PSE president Hans Sicat said. "Hopefully, the othe rating agencies will follow suit so we can start seeing more investors participate in the growth of the listed companies and the economy."

Our dream is for the Stock Market to be at 10,000 level and with the thing that is happening this is close to reality. May all of us be part of this history.

Learn more on how can each one of us take advantage of this opportunity. Be an educated stock market investor. Be a TrulyRichClub member.

~ May our Dreams Come True :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Saved by the Stock Alert

We are a religious follower of the STOCK ALERTs* that Bro. Bo is sending to all the TrulyRichClub Members. But when I read one research done by COL's Analyst on BDO, I got interested and added it in our portfolio. We've been buying BDO since last year but I stopped for some time. This is after I had a little discussion with Mr. Edward Lee of COL Financial last October during the TrulyRichClub Superconference. I stopped buying BDO stock but I didn't sell.

For the past few months, the stock market is going up. It had hit ALL-TIME Record Highs. Last month Bro. Bo sent an Stock Alert on adding DNL in our portfolio. The expected gain is quite high and I was thinking of selling our BDO shares to take advantage of this gain. Besides, BDO is not part of our SAM list.

However, there was a slight correction last week in the stock market and I forgot about selling. Then this morning, we received an Stock Alert from Bro. Bo. We are now adding BDO in our SAM list. Whooo. Saved by the Stock Alert! There is still a lot of room to grow on this stock. Nothing just happen. :)

By the way, the StockAlert is one of the Perks that a person gets in being a member of the TrulyRichClub. The StockUpdates are emailed twice a month while StockAlerts are emailed depending on the need. This serves as a guide for TrulyRichClub members who are invested in the Stock Market using the SAM strategy. To know more of the SAM strategy, you can read the Book of Bro. Bo entitled "The Turtle Always Win". A review of this book can also be found on this link.

Start your Stock Market Investing Journey NOW and Create your Millions in the Stock Market. Stop delaying.  Be a TrulyRichClub member and be an Educated Stock Market Investor, click here now.

* Stock Alert - An email sent to TrulyRichClub Members alerting them for a BUY, SELL and HOLD advise.

STOCK MARKET: Don't Interrupt the Compounding

One of the benefits of being a TrulyRichClub Member is we got to receive a Bi-monthly Stock Update from Bro. Bo Sanchez and Mike Viñas.

I would just like to share some parts of the Stock Update with you.

If You Withdraw P50,000 Today, You’re Withdrawing P1 Million Tomorrow.

Oh, I know it’s tempting.
When the stock market is growing sweetly (like now), it’s sooooo tempting to withdraw “just a little bit” for 
that new ladies’ watch. Or a Hong Kong vacation. Or a birthday party in Boracay.

As much as possible, DON’T.
If you withdraw, you’re interrupting your compounding—the greatest mathematical force in the universe.
Let me give you an example…
Johnny saw that in a span of 18 months, his stock market fund has already grown from P100,000 to P150,000. 
He’s ecstatic. He’s thanking God. He’s inviting friends to join him at the TrulyRich Club. (Very good!) He’s 

dancing the gangnam dance.

But then one day, while walking in a mall, Johnny sees this really nice “spaceship-looking” gizmo that 
functions as a cellphone/coffeemaker/vacuum cleaner all rolled into one. It can make phone calls. It can make 

coffee. It can clean your house. It’s astounding. (Okay, I’m exaggerating. But I’m simply saying that there’ll be 
temptations out there that are very real.)

The price? P50,000.
Definitely not in Johnny’s budget. Unless…
He thinks of his stock market investments.
He’s got the money.
He decides to go for it!
He withdraws P50,000 from his stocks and buys the gizmo. He can now talk to his girlfriend and make 
coffee and suck dust from the living room’s carpet.

Question: Did he really withdraw P50,000 only?
In 20 years, if his stock market investments grew by 16 percent a year, his total money would be LESSER 
by P1 Million.

Why? Because he interrupted the compounding.
I’m not kidding. Compute it yourself.
I urge you: Avoid withdrawing from your stock market investments.
If you feel tempted, just remind yourself: “When I withdraw P50,000 today, I’m actually withdrawing P1 
Million tomorrow.”

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

This is just the 1st part of the stock update. The second part is an update from Mike. The title of his article is "Stock Market Success Does Not Require Market Timing". He said that it is possible to make good money in the market without having to consider timing by following the Four (4) Strategies below:

1. Use Long Term Money - Invest only the money that you will not need in the near future.
2. Buy Regularly at Buy Below Price - Buy every month or every quarter but ensure that it is at our Buy Below Price.
3. Use Peso Cost Averagingbuying shares with a fixed amount of money on a regular basis (as mentioned in # 2). The advantage to this strategy is that it makes investing more affordable and it takes emotions out of investing.
4. Add Some Stocks with High Dividend Yield - Choose stocks whose earnings are not expected to drop and have capital appreciation potential. In our case it is MER. It's dividend yield of 3%.

Mike also discussed more news and details on MER and DNL to explain why these stocks were chosen to be in our SAM list.

Aside from the 2 articles of Bro. Bo and Mike, they are also sending an updated list of our SAM table for the BUY Below Price, TARGET Price and Action to TAKE in case there are changes.

By the way, the STOCK Market today is so exciting. It is having a slight correction. As investors, we like it when stocks go down so that we can all buy at cheaper price. But no one knows the market and to be safe, better to START NOW and follow the 4 strategies given by Mike or better yet be more educated and get REAL-TIME Stock Alerts from Bro. Bo by joining the TrulyRichClub.

~ May our dreams come true.
Cheers to PSEi being at 10,000 soon! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STOCK MARKET : You Think The Stock Market Has Gone Up A Lot?

This is an excerpt from the Soulfood Newsletter I received last week. This is an invitation from Bro. Bo Sanchez.

You Think The Stock Market Has Gone Up A Lot?

So many people are talking about the Stock Market today!

Because it has gone up like crazy.

And my TrulyRichClub members are dancing the boogie, singing hallelujah, and hugging everyone they meet on the street.  They’re so happy.  They’re thanking God for the day they joined the TrulyRichClub last year, or two years ago, or three years ago…  Because they learned how to invest in the Stock Market, and their money has been multiplying like crazy too.
Sadly, I’ve talked to HUNDREDS of people who told me, “Bo, I wish I joined you last year and learned how to invest in Stocks.  But I became busy.  Shucks, did I miss the boat already?”
Hey, It’s NOT too late.

What happens if you join TrulyRichClub
Aside from getting a truckload of the best material from me on how you can gain an abundance spirituality and financial mindset, you also get my personal GUIDANCE on how to create your millions by investing in the Stock Market.

Do you think the Stock Market went too high already? 

Our prediction: This rocket ship will still fly higher because there’s still a lot of rocket fuel to burn.  And even if it rests a bit and takes a pit stop in some refueling station in space (and I really want it to rest so I can invest more at cheaper prices), in the long term, nothing beats the Stock Market in giving you the best returns.
If you’re not yet investing in the Stock Market, you’re missing out on the great bull market of the Philippines.  Amazingly, the Philippine Stock Market has been the best performing Stock Market in the world.

Come ride this rocketship.  It will continue to ride to the sky. 
With or with you.

To join the TrulyRichClub, click here now. 
May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez
PS.  Stop delaying.  To create your millions in the Stock Market, click here now. 

We've been a member of the TrulyRichClub since February of 2010 and all I can say is that everything was all worth it. It is true that how we wished that we had started earlier but it was never too late because the best time to start is always "NOW". We still have a long way to go. Only less than 1%  of our population is invested in the Stock Market. And everyone seems to recognize the opportunity. Come. Ride with us now. Don't just be an Audience. Be a Passenger or rather be the Driver of your Great Future. :)


The Feast Talk Series last Month was entitled: HAPPY, HEALTHY and HOLY Money. It is a timely talk because we're still at the first quarter of the year. It can help us get a direction on how we want our finances to be at the end of the year.

We've been a feast attendee since February 2010 and we noticed that we have almost the same theme every February which is about handling our finances well. Below are the talk series for the last few years:

2010 - Prosper
2011- Peso-nality
2012 - Overflow
2013 - Happy Healthy Holy Money

You can view some of my blog posts on the OVERFLOW SERIES on the links below:
a. Talk# 1: Salary vs. Profit
b. Talk# 2: Income vs. Wealth
c. Talk# 3: Tips vs. Tithes
d. Bonus Talk on Entreprenuership
e. Break Feast Sharing by Edward Lee

Let me just share to you some of the things I learned from the recent Talk Series.

Talk# 1: Happy Money

"Every good and perfect gift is from God. It comes down from the Father." ~James 1:17

Our money is a gift from God. If this is a gift from God, then it can be a good thing. Money is not evil but it is the LOVE of MONEY that is evil.

"Let the LORD be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant." ~ Psalms 35:27

God doesn't mind us becoming rich. Actually, he wants us to be rich in a condition that we are are already RICH in the INSIDE before we become RICH in the OUTSIDE. This is because money can MAGNIFY who we are in the INSIDE.

Bro. Bo also mentioned the Three (3) Types of Rich People.

1. Filthy Rich
 - This is the greedy, selfish, corrupt person.
 - They are the miserable people.
 - They are the reason why others say that "Money can't buy you happiness.

2. Guilty Rich
 - This is a person who had a toxic relationship with money.
 - They are the people who feel guilty of earning a lot. They are more comfortable with poverty than prosperity.
 - These are the people guilty of being rich because of their past experiences or family influence.
 - They were taught that talking and thinking about money is bad. And all rich people are bad.

3. Truly Rich
 - These are the people who believe that "God never designed money to buy happiness.  God designed money to increase HELPFULNESS."
 - Truly Rich People Help Their Family
 - Truly Rich People Help Their Bigger Family
 - Belief of the Truly Rich People:  "It’s not about the money.  It’s not about the wealth.  It’s not even about us!  It’s about God.  It’s about love.  It’s about service.  It’s about dying to ourselves so that others may live!"

Let us all be TRULY RICH.:)

Talk#2: Healthy Money

"Therefore keep the words of this covenant, and do them, that you may prosper in all that you do." ~ Deuteronomy 29:9

True prosperity is living a life of profound LOVE for every human being.   
Physical Health is similar to Financial Health in terms of the cause of its weakening which are:
   1. Toxins
   2. Malnutrition
   3. Imbalance

Financial Toxins
- Financial Toxic Overload / Toxic Debt
  * Uncontrolled Debt can kill us.
  * If there are Filthy Rich, there are also Filthy Poor who are destroyed by the money they don't possess. Because of their overwhelming desire for material things, they borrow, borrow, and borrow.
  * The key is PATIENCE.  Don’t be in a hurry to live a lifestyle that you can’t afford.
  * THE problem isn't materialism. THE problem is an extreme lack of self-worth.
  * Follow the 1st Rule of the Rich - "What You Spend Should Be Less Then What You Earn.”
- People who look rich because they have money in the bank but are dying because their money are shrinking. 
* Follow the 2nd Rule of the Rich - “What You Save Should Grow More Than What You Lose.”
- Our Money loses value in the bank because of Inflation. Therefore, we should invest our money in any of these Investment Vehicles: (1) Paper Assets, (2) Businesses and (3) Real Estate.
- An example of Paper Asset is the Stock Market. If you want to learn more about investing in the Stock Market, try reading the books of Bro. Bo Sanchez (My Maid Invest in the Stock Market and The Turtle always Win) or Join the Truly Rich Club.

* Follow the 3rd Rule of the Rich - "“What You Earn Should Be Equal To What You Know.”
- Do NOT try to earn more than what you know! Confidence is a terrific thing.  Overconfidence is a terrible thing.
- Lower our risk by increasing our learning or increasing our wisdom.
- We need to invest in our Financial Education. (If we think Financial Education is expensive, try IGNORANCE).

Talk# 3: Holy Money

Can Money be Sacred? What does Holy means? Many thought that Holy = Religious. But Bro. Bo said that the Greek word for Holy is Hagios which literally means "set apart for God". We already know that God is Love. Therefore, to set apart for God also means to set apart for LOVE.

If we want to know if our money is holy , we need to recognize the two important signs of HOLY MONEY.

Sign#1 : If the Purpose of Money is LOVE.
- If we give, it should be out of love. If we tithe, it should be out of love.
- We all have moral duty to give. We all have moral duty to be Truly Rich.

Sign#2 : If the Process of Money is LOVE.
- How did we earn our money? 
- According to Bro. Bo, we need to always ask ourselves, "In the process of making money, did I become more loving? patient? sacrificial? selfless? 

If all our answers are "YES", then our money is HOLY, as well as our job, business and investments.

Bro. Bo ended the talk saying that Wealth's mission is to love others and it wants to find its way into the hands of loving people who will earn and use it for LOVE. He encourages us to be THAT PERSON of GREAT LOVE.

Talk# 4: Bonus Talk

According to Bro. Bo, if we want to change our Financial Life, we need to change our underlying Financial Behavior and Financial System.

Our Financial System is consists of our thoughts, behavior and verbal pattern which normally is influenced by our family. Our Financial system can either break or make us. He said, that there are only 2 financial system in this world namely the Hunter and Rancher System.

The Hunter System/Cycle
1. A hunter goes out of his cave when he's hungry to find food to eat.
2. Party with family and friends when he finds a catch.
3. When the meat is gone and he's hungry again, he goes out to hunt for another animal.

    Hunters can be employees or entrepreneurs. No matter how big their incomes are, they would be times that it will be gone. And they would be forced to go out and hunt  again.

The Rancher System
1. Rancher don't eat everything they capture.
2. They keep some to breed other animals.
3. Ranchers will always have food to eat because they grow their own food.

Their difference????
If a hunter takes a vacation and stop working, he stops eating;
If a rancher takes a vacation and stop working, he'll continue to eat because his animals continues to multiply on their own.

Bro. Bo suggested a system to acquire the Rancher system called the " Seven Jar Strategy". Every time we receive our salary/commission/profit, divide our money into these 7 jars.

The Seven (7) Jar Strategy

Jar 7: Emancipation Fund (20% or More)
- For Retirement.
- Others call it Freedom Fund.
- You can invest it in Paper Assets like Stocks, or Real Estate or in a Business.
- This will make us a rancher.

Jar 6: Emergency Fund
- For Emergencies like leaking roof, car repairs, sickness, etc.
- Should be equal to 3 to 6 months of your salary
- Keep in a bank for easy access/liquidity.
- The older you get, the bigger it should be.

Jar 5: Everyday Fund (70% or Less)
- For regular monthly expense
- Live simply to live within this range.
- If your income increases, your everyday fund should decrease.

Jar 4: Empower Fund (5% to 10%)
- For short term savings like saving for a house downpayment, a car, a new laptop, a new gadget, a trip, etc

Jar 3: Enjoyment Fund (5%)
- For our enjoyment because God wants us to enjoy life.
*** 1 Timothy 6:17 " ... put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.
- The enjoyment fund is for our wants. This fund is needed to avoid being an impulsive buyer or a miser/penny pincher.

Jar 2: Education Fund (5%)
- Invest in ourselves. If we grow ourselves, we grow our wealth.
- We need to be teachable. We need to be a student and be teachable. Humility is the key.

Jar# 1 Eternity Fund (10% or more)
- For our Tithe - our ultimate investment with the greatest return.
- This is our long-term investment. God will always remember whatever we give to Him and will reward us accordingly for all eternity.
- It is the safest investment because because it is like shipping our investment in heaven..
- Every time you receive your salary, set aside your tithe and see how God will supply your every need.
- When we tithe, we acknowledge that everything we own really belongs to God.

He emphasize that we should be a Rancher , not a Hunter. Before he ends his talk, he repeated the story of the Rich Man and the Beggar which he told last year. The full version of the story here.

Hope I was able to share the inspiring words from Bro. Bo. Let's work together towards our financial freedom.

May All our Dreams Come true! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Bull Market vs. Bull Run

I read an interesting article  in the Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper today written by Den Somara under his Column Market Run which is entitled "The Bull Market and the Bull Run". He is a Licensed Stock Broker of Eagle Equities Inc.

According to the article, many are confused on what is happening in the stock market. Many were expecting a correction but it never got sustained. Prices will be low in a few days but it will rise again and outperformed the previous weeks. Whether the prices will go down soon will only depend on the kind of buyers. It will not go down if they are taken by the "long-term buyers". However, prices will go down if they are taken by the "short term buyers" or speculators.

Below is what I have noted from his article:

 > Series of price movements.
 > It is prolonged and characterized by daily gains.
 > It is the period where there is a run of stock prices.

 > It is characterized by a sustained rise of share prices.
 > It happens when the the economy is strong, people have money and are willing to spend it. Demand becomes stronger. Market prices go up.

> It is the time frame at which such price run happens.

Another information I have noted is "If the daily price increases are sustained for at least 5 trading days, the stock,sector or index could be in a run." If the run is the result of rising prices, it is called a rally, a BULL RALLY.

It was such a great and informative article. Hope you get something from what I've shared.

~ May our dreams come true. Cheers to PSEi being at 10,000 soon! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Online Stock Broker: BPI TRADE Had Improved

Ever since I had invested in the stock market, I was using the service of an Online Stock Broker. For our US account, we had use Smith Barney, UBS and ETRADE. For our account here in the Philippines, we had started with BPI TRADE then added Citisec Online (now known as COL Financial) because of the EIP* strategy that they are offering. I never let go of BPI TRADE because the time I opened an account in COL, some of my stocks in BPI TRADE are having paper loses.

Right now, I still maintain some of my stocks in BPI TRADE but I add up to our investments in our COL account. Just today, I was reminded to check on my stocks in BPI TRADE and surprised that I can't get through. Then I found that they migrated to a new URL Login Page. I also found out that they had upgraded their site which is almost similar to the pages and infos that can be seen in COL Financials.

Their landing page after you log in is far better than before and they already have new tabs with very informative drop down menus. The upgrade that I appreciated the most is the "View Porfolio". Previously, when you view your portfolio  you can only see your position and would not know whether you gaining or losing. This view option was already present in the COL website ever since I opened an account from them.

I am still a loyal client of COL Financials but I would still want to congratulate BPI TRADE for this a great improvement. Thank you for keeping up with the competition. There are are still a lot of Filipinos that needs to know the advantage of investing in the stock market. We're just a few years for PSEi to reach 10,000. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar Last February 9, 2013

The last Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar was held last Saturday February 9, 2013 at Enderun Colleges in BGC Taguig City. Yours truly was again given an opportunity to serve in the TRP Wealth Seminar last Saturday. My husband was in the technical while I was the timekeeper. We also facilitated during the Cash Flow 101 Board Game.

There were two new speakers namely Leila Hernandez, Author of the 9 to 5 Millionaire Book and Edmund Lee, Research Analyst of COL Financials.

Below are the lessons I have learned and Noted from the speakers:

1. Bro. Bo Sanchez ( The Theology of Money)
       • Our Financial Life can be divided into 3 phases:
             o Phase 1: Desert Experience (Not Enough)
             o Phase 2: Desert with Manna Experience (Just Enough)
                 This is addicting but never gets addicted to it. We need to learn how to move to the next phase.
             o Phase 3: Promised Land Experience (More than Enough)
      •  Money is everywhere. The Purpose of Wealth is to help others.
      • Value your Financial Education. Free is not good. “Kailangan may taya”.

2. Sir Larry Gamboa ( Scaling up your Real Estate Start Up)
      • Action brings clarity.
      • Make your 1st step.

3. Eden Dayrit Alemania (4Fs – FIND it, Fund it, Fix it, Flip it)
      • Accumulate More properties for passive income
      • If you are jobless, you need a co-borrower for a bank loan.

4. Ronald Cagape (Numbers in Real Estate)
      • When still starting and still building capital, do buy and sell.
      • If with available capital, buy an income generating property.
      • Remember that you make a profit when you buy.

5. Edmund Lee (Investing in Real Estate through the Stock Market)
      • Investing is a need – For Retirement and to beat Inflation
      • The key in choosing a stock is Management (CEO).
      • Currently, stocks of Real Estate Companies are not yet bullish.
      • Tip: The Next Walmart  - Puregold ;)

6. Leila Hernandez (9 to 5 Millionaire – A Real Estate Start up)
      • If you invest in paper assets, you are like a Virtual Business Owner
      • Loan Refinancing have an added cost but can be waived depending on our relationship with our banks.
      • It is not advisable to invest in a lot that you will use for your dream house in the future. Better to invest the money in an instrument that can give you a high gain then buy your dream house in the future in CASH,
      • Her advise:
            o Hold on to your current job and do your best
            o Do your investing after work (weekends).
      • The key is Discipline and Integrity.

Being a servant in the TRP seminar for almost 2 years really  changed my life. Every now and then, there are new things to be learned. I learned  by serving. Indeed, every seminar is different not only because of the topics discussed and new speakers but also because of the people I meet. It also gave me a feeling of fulfillment knowing that I was able to be part of the TRP vision of creating millions of Filipinos by 2020.

 I also want to quote Sir Larry on One of the Secrets of the Winners is their Commitment to Mastery. Keep on learning. Invest in your financial education. If you think Financial Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance. ;)

I hope to see you in the Next TRP seminar on April 06,2013. I am not sure if I can still serve that time because it will be just few days before I give birth to our latest blessing.

May our Dreams Come True!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

WHAT IF.... You Volunteered or You were Volunteered?

This question came into my mind when I was invited by Dr. Larry Gamboa Author of Think Rich Pinoy Book to give a Testimony on Real Estate and Stock Market last Monday May 14,2012 to the Retirees of La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. The Seminar is entitled " Life After CSB" which has four parts:

Part 1: Monday morning "Managing Change and its Challenges on Time and Life.”
Part 2: Monday afternoon “Managing Financial Opportunities for a Better Life”
Part 3: Tuesday morning “Exploring Business Opportunities and Employment in the Corporate World”
Part 4: Tuesday afternoon is specifically only for the retirees.

I was honored and blessed to be able to meet these great people. Actually, I was thinking that our audience would be of the retiring age of 65 years old but there were also young faces in the group. I learned that "VERO" or Voluntary Early Retirement Offer was offered to the CSB employees and the attendees were those who availed.  They will be receiving a good package. I also remembered that such thing was also offered by my previous employer when they needed to do some cost cutting measures but they named it differently - RIF or Reduction in Force.

But what is supposed to be the meaning of Retirement?
As per Wikipedia, Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. Many people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits, although some are forced to retire when physical conditions don't allow the person to work any more (by illness or accident) or as a result of legislation concerning their position.

Whatever the purpose of the retirees in availing the VERO it is good to know that CSB made an effort to prepare them for the "Life After CSB". The speaker of the first part of the seminar was the CSB HRD Manager. He discussed the "Who Moved my Cheese" Book and it was so relevant to the theme of the seminar.

The speakers for the 2nd part of the seminar was Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense. He talked about the advantage of Investing in the Stock Market. I have heard Aya talked for many times already but there is always something that I learn whenever I got to listen to him. It was also a blessing to be able to discuss stock market with him and get tips on his preferred companies - MPI, MWC and the three major Banks.

My testimony was after Aya. I shared about the advantage of investing in both Real Estate and Stock Market. My sharing focused on my two Real Estate deals and Stock Market Performance from the Year I started investing in the Stock Market to present.

Sir Larry spoke after me and he discussed How to be become a MAVEN. He inspired the group to find their passion and monetize it. They can use it to generate income after CSB.

The response of the audience was overwhelming. They appreciated our sharings.

It was also a blessing to meet Dean Pax Lapid of GoNegosyo and be able to discuss Stock Trading with him. He recommends to have two Citisec Account. One intended for Long Term Investment and one for Trading. He advised me to only invest less than 1/3 of the amount I have in my account intended for long term. He mentioned that he preferred Holding companies specifically DMCI.

It was truly an overwhelming and a different experience especially thinking that you were able to share my experience to these people. I am greatly honored and thankful to Sir Larry for inviting me to give a testimony to the people of CSB. Thank you also CSB for the tokens below :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My 4 Year Old Daughter Earned 36% in the Stock Market in Less than a Year

I missed writing and blogging. It's been a while since I posted in this blog. I will try to post more in the succeeding days :)

It was just that I am very excited to blog above my daughter's earning because it is an evidence of how powerful the Stock Market is in terms of investment. You can view my post about opening a COL Account for my 3yo daughter who is now 4yo in this link.

Initially, we planned of investing a fixed amount every month in her account but due to some changes in plan, we're not able to religiously do it.  But still based on our records, we're able to add in her account 15 times in less than a year. And I am happy to report that she already gained an overall of 36% after Market closed today February 6 following Bro. Bo Sanchez advise to the Truly Rich Club Members.

My daughter's account have only four companies in her Portfolio and all of them are positive. Percent gain ranges from 4.4% to 30.74%.

Her Total Account Equity Value is not much right now but if we stick to our plan of adding up to her account whenever we have windfalls, I know we can get there. As the saying goes, "DREAM BIG. START SMALL."

By the way, we have a son who'll be seeing the beauty of the world mid of this year and we plan to open an account for him before the year ends.

It pays to be early. Just take a look at the illustration below. It only shows that if you Start Early, you can Be a Billionaire in the Stock Market.

Figures taken from a COL Financial flyers/leaflet. :)