Monday, May 18, 2009

2nd Wave of Waiver

I have 2 BPI Credit Cards. One is a BPI Express Credit Card which can only be used locally and a BPI Petron Mastercard. I was able to waive the annual fee of my Petron Card few weeks ago (see details here) and I was, again, able to waive the annual fee of my BECC this month. Thanks to BPI as well as to PinayandMoney for the info.

Have taken a Money Personality Quiz

Have learned about a money personality quiz thru Millionaire's Act website and found out that I am a balanced spender/investor.
Below is a brief description of a Balanced Spender/Investor and I believe in most of them.

Your money personality is: Balanced

People who exhibit a balanced money personality style enjoy making and managing money. They may view budgeting and investing as a game of sorts.

Money is viewed as a tool that is used to achieve ones goals.

While they often have a budget, Balanced persons do not become overly uncomfortable with the occasional unforeseen expense or in purchasing the occasional luxury item.

Balanced persons often feel that diligence, research and effort will reward them in the end.

If they invest, Balanced persons tend to have balanced portfolios and are often comfortable seeking advice from financial managers.

It's nice to know that I'm not doing bad but hope I could improve more. I wonder what is your money personality. You can take the quiz and love to hear what you got.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


According to this blog, it is likely to be over but we don't need to become very excited. There is a sign of optimism here but it's not bad at all. We just need to plan and prepare for the upturn.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Waived Credit Card Annual Fee

I just want to thank PinayandMoney for the tip on waiving annual fee for BPI credit cards. I didn't know about this before. Initially, I am charging all purchases to my credit card to earn reward points that I can use to pay for my annual fee. Sayang. If I have known  about it earlier,  I could have use my points to get other reward items.

Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I was able to avail it this year. I just called their hotline and asked them if I can avail of the waived annual fee. After reviewing my account for some minutes, they confirmed that my request was approved and gave me the confirmation number. The reversal of the fee should reflect in 2 to 3 working days. And it did. Thanks to BPI and thanks again to PinayandMoney for this information.