Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seminar Review: Business 101 by Marco Victoria and others

My husband and I attended this seminar last Saturday. Our primary reason is to be guided by the "PROs" in improving the business that I just recently started and the business that we plan to start next year.

Attending this seminar is one of the best things that we did before the end of the year. There will be more even though there are only few days before the year ends because we believe that successful people have a bias for action and we want to be one of them. Why plan for success at the beginning of the year when you can do it before the year ends and start immediately on DAY1 of 2014.

By the way, one of the reason that we attended this seminar is to support the cause of the organizer of this event which is SHARE MOVEMENT.

Shown below are the points that I learned and noted and will take into action.

From Marco (PART1)
1. Business is for Everybody
2. Before going into business... Find your business "WHY"
3. Attitude and Mindset of Entrepreneur
 a. Aggressive Action
   = Aggressive + Action Doer
   = Look out for needs and Demands of People
   = Don't just look at the present.. look at the future. (Example based on the recent Yolanda Tragedy. Think of the Ice Plant instead of Body Bag).
   = The enemy of Action is FEAR.
   = People will doubt you but just keep on moving and never give up.
   = Set Target. Set Goal. WRITE IT.
   = " I can do it, I don't know when but I CAN DO IT.
   = Opportunities are always under your Nose. If your head is always up, you will not see it.
   = Be careful of MLM, ensure that products will continue to be there in the future. (See 3.a)
   = Be careful of getting a Franchise, ensure that the franchise you're investing in has a GOOD SUPPORT System.
   = Enemy of Overhead
   = Keep on Asking to Get the Best Deal.
   = Find a Business Mentor
   = Having a mentor is not easy. It is hard but it will teach you humility.
4. OVERCOME FEAR else you'll be
  a. Scared to Risk
  b. Lazy to Start
5. The primary difference between rich people and poor people is how they handle fear. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

From Pauline C. Pontiano 
1. Discover your PASSION
 - You think of it 24/7
 - Will work for Passion
 - Go Overtime without pay
 - You Live, Breathe amd Become it.
2. Use our God-Given Gift
 - It is something that He has planted in our heart to make people feel His Love.

From Sha Nacino (Discovering your Life Purpose
1. Passion is something that you do that when you start doing it, it will be hard for you to stop.
3. Purpose and PASSION can be interchanged. They should be connected.
 a. You Love to do
 b. You Do Best
 c. Gives Value to Others
 *** "A" and "B" should be the same, else it will be a disaster. :)
4. How to Discover Your Life Purpose
 a. Mindset: Serve 1st, money will follow
 b. TAKE the 1st STEP, the Next Step will UNFOLD.
   ** Create a Notebook/Idea Bank. Write your Idea before you forget about it. Then let your subconscious work on it.
 c. CARRY ON. PERSEVERE - believe in yourself.
5. Make your PASSION your PROFESSION
 > This will increase your Happiness and Productivity.
 a. Happiness
 b. Inspiration
 c. Meaning
7. In Him as your Business Partner, what is there you can't achieve.

From Molly Baylon
1. Every Dream comes from wound/pain.
2. Use your pain wisely.
3. Invest in yourself.
4. Know the difference between "Inggit and Pangarap" (Envy vs. Dream/Wish)
5. Too much happiness can make you blind.
6. Pain can open our eyes to Opportunities.

From Marco (Part 2)
1. Initial Business Investment
 a. Time
 b. Talent
 c. Treasure
 *** If you lack in one thing, use what you have to gain the one you lack. (ex, if you're not good in math/accounting (talent), use your treasure to hire an accountant.
2. Know that WHAT,HOW,WHY of your Business.
 WHAT - Product/Service
 WHY - PURPOSE (This will drive you)
3. Also Know the WHO, WHERE, WHAT VALUE and WHY2
 WHO - your market (demographic)
 WHERE - your market (geographic)
 WHAT - value do you give your market
 WHY - reason they will buy from you compared to your competitor.
    ** Have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
4. Write what you want.
5. The Story of the Moso Bamboo
 - Be patient when you see/feel that your business is not growing. This may be the season where you are growing your roots longer and deeper. Use this season to build your network and yourself. Invest in yourself.

Indeed, it was a great seminar. We exceeded the time but the attendees didn't mind and stayed even until the seminar ends. I already heard/read some of the information before but it is more empowering to hear if from those who is already walking their talk. We learned from their mistakes. We also learned techniques and new ways to improve my new business.

The Seminar is a must for those who are already into business and also to those who are still to start a business. It will help them start right.

I will highly recommend this seminar!!!

In Summary:
Price: Php 500 only (Knowing that all proceeds of the seminar will be donated to Joseph Feeding Mission make it priceless. Also, kudos to the speakers who selflessly shared their experiences for free. May God bless your business more.)
Seminar Content: Super Check
Recommended: Super Check