Tuesday, February 26, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Bull Market vs. Bull Run

I read an interesting article  in the Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper today written by Den Somara under his Column Market Run which is entitled "The Bull Market and the Bull Run". He is a Licensed Stock Broker of Eagle Equities Inc.

According to the article, many are confused on what is happening in the stock market. Many were expecting a correction but it never got sustained. Prices will be low in a few days but it will rise again and outperformed the previous weeks. Whether the prices will go down soon will only depend on the kind of buyers. It will not go down if they are taken by the "long-term buyers". However, prices will go down if they are taken by the "short term buyers" or speculators.

Below is what I have noted from his article:

 > Series of price movements.
 > It is prolonged and characterized by daily gains.
 > It is the period where there is a run of stock prices.

 > It is characterized by a sustained rise of share prices.
 > It happens when the the economy is strong, people have money and are willing to spend it. Demand becomes stronger. Market prices go up.

> It is the time frame at which such price run happens.

Another information I have noted is "If the daily price increases are sustained for at least 5 trading days, the stock,sector or index could be in a run." If the run is the result of rising prices, it is called a rally, a BULL RALLY.

It was such a great and informative article. Hope you get something from what I've shared.

~ May our dreams come true. Cheers to PSEi being at 10,000 soon! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Online Stock Broker: BPI TRADE Had Improved

Ever since I had invested in the stock market, I was using the service of an Online Stock Broker. For our US account, we had use Smith Barney, UBS and ETRADE. For our account here in the Philippines, we had started with BPI TRADE then added Citisec Online (now known as COL Financial) because of the EIP* strategy that they are offering. I never let go of BPI TRADE because the time I opened an account in COL, some of my stocks in BPI TRADE are having paper loses.

Right now, I still maintain some of my stocks in BPI TRADE but I add up to our investments in our COL account. Just today, I was reminded to check on my stocks in BPI TRADE and surprised that I can't get through. Then I found that they migrated to a new URL Login Page. I also found out that they had upgraded their site which is almost similar to the pages and infos that can be seen in COL Financials.

Their landing page after you log in is far better than before and they already have new tabs with very informative drop down menus. The upgrade that I appreciated the most is the "View Porfolio". Previously, when you view your portfolio  you can only see your position and would not know whether you gaining or losing. This view option was already present in the COL website ever since I opened an account from them.

I am still a loyal client of COL Financials but I would still want to congratulate BPI TRADE for this a great improvement. Thank you for keeping up with the competition. There are are still a lot of Filipinos that needs to know the advantage of investing in the stock market. We're just a few years for PSEi to reach 10,000. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar Last February 9, 2013

The last Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar was held last Saturday February 9, 2013 at Enderun Colleges in BGC Taguig City. Yours truly was again given an opportunity to serve in the TRP Wealth Seminar last Saturday. My husband was in the technical while I was the timekeeper. We also facilitated during the Cash Flow 101 Board Game.

There were two new speakers namely Leila Hernandez, Author of the 9 to 5 Millionaire Book and Edmund Lee, Research Analyst of COL Financials.

Below are the lessons I have learned and Noted from the speakers:

1. Bro. Bo Sanchez ( The Theology of Money)
       • Our Financial Life can be divided into 3 phases:
             o Phase 1: Desert Experience (Not Enough)
             o Phase 2: Desert with Manna Experience (Just Enough)
                 This is addicting but never gets addicted to it. We need to learn how to move to the next phase.
             o Phase 3: Promised Land Experience (More than Enough)
      •  Money is everywhere. The Purpose of Wealth is to help others.
      • Value your Financial Education. Free is not good. “Kailangan may taya”.

2. Sir Larry Gamboa ( Scaling up your Real Estate Start Up)
      • Action brings clarity.
      • Make your 1st step.

3. Eden Dayrit Alemania (4Fs – FIND it, Fund it, Fix it, Flip it)
      • Accumulate More properties for passive income
      • If you are jobless, you need a co-borrower for a bank loan.

4. Ronald Cagape (Numbers in Real Estate)
      • When still starting and still building capital, do buy and sell.
      • If with available capital, buy an income generating property.
      • Remember that you make a profit when you buy.

5. Edmund Lee (Investing in Real Estate through the Stock Market)
      • Investing is a need – For Retirement and to beat Inflation
      • The key in choosing a stock is Management (CEO).
      • Currently, stocks of Real Estate Companies are not yet bullish.
      • Tip: The Next Walmart  - Puregold ;)

6. Leila Hernandez (9 to 5 Millionaire – A Real Estate Start up)
      • If you invest in paper assets, you are like a Virtual Business Owner
      • Loan Refinancing have an added cost but can be waived depending on our relationship with our banks.
      • It is not advisable to invest in a lot that you will use for your dream house in the future. Better to invest the money in an instrument that can give you a high gain then buy your dream house in the future in CASH,
      • Her advise:
            o Hold on to your current job and do your best
            o Do your investing after work (weekends).
      • The key is Discipline and Integrity.

Being a servant in the TRP seminar for almost 2 years really  changed my life. Every now and then, there are new things to be learned. I learned  by serving. Indeed, every seminar is different not only because of the topics discussed and new speakers but also because of the people I meet. It also gave me a feeling of fulfillment knowing that I was able to be part of the TRP vision of creating millions of Filipinos by 2020.

 I also want to quote Sir Larry on One of the Secrets of the Winners is their Commitment to Mastery. Keep on learning. Invest in your financial education. If you think Financial Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance. ;)

I hope to see you in the Next TRP seminar on April 06,2013. I am not sure if I can still serve that time because it will be just few days before I give birth to our latest blessing.

May our Dreams Come True!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

WHAT IF.... You Volunteered or You were Volunteered?

This question came into my mind when I was invited by Dr. Larry Gamboa Author of Think Rich Pinoy Book to give a Testimony on Real Estate and Stock Market last Monday May 14,2012 to the Retirees of La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. The Seminar is entitled " Life After CSB" which has four parts:

Part 1: Monday morning "Managing Change and its Challenges on Time and Life.”
Part 2: Monday afternoon “Managing Financial Opportunities for a Better Life”
Part 3: Tuesday morning “Exploring Business Opportunities and Employment in the Corporate World”
Part 4: Tuesday afternoon is specifically only for the retirees.

I was honored and blessed to be able to meet these great people. Actually, I was thinking that our audience would be of the retiring age of 65 years old but there were also young faces in the group. I learned that "VERO" or Voluntary Early Retirement Offer was offered to the CSB employees and the attendees were those who availed.  They will be receiving a good package. I also remembered that such thing was also offered by my previous employer when they needed to do some cost cutting measures but they named it differently - RIF or Reduction in Force.

But what is supposed to be the meaning of Retirement?
As per Wikipedia, Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. Many people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits, although some are forced to retire when physical conditions don't allow the person to work any more (by illness or accident) or as a result of legislation concerning their position.

Whatever the purpose of the retirees in availing the VERO it is good to know that CSB made an effort to prepare them for the "Life After CSB". The speaker of the first part of the seminar was the CSB HRD Manager. He discussed the "Who Moved my Cheese" Book and it was so relevant to the theme of the seminar.

The speakers for the 2nd part of the seminar was Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense. He talked about the advantage of Investing in the Stock Market. I have heard Aya talked for many times already but there is always something that I learn whenever I got to listen to him. It was also a blessing to be able to discuss stock market with him and get tips on his preferred companies - MPI, MWC and the three major Banks.

My testimony was after Aya. I shared about the advantage of investing in both Real Estate and Stock Market. My sharing focused on my two Real Estate deals and Stock Market Performance from the Year I started investing in the Stock Market to present.

Sir Larry spoke after me and he discussed How to be become a MAVEN. He inspired the group to find their passion and monetize it. They can use it to generate income after CSB.

The response of the audience was overwhelming. They appreciated our sharings.

It was also a blessing to meet Dean Pax Lapid of GoNegosyo and be able to discuss Stock Trading with him. He recommends to have two Citisec Account. One intended for Long Term Investment and one for Trading. He advised me to only invest less than 1/3 of the amount I have in my account intended for long term. He mentioned that he preferred Holding companies specifically DMCI.

It was truly an overwhelming and a different experience especially thinking that you were able to share my experience to these people. I am greatly honored and thankful to Sir Larry for inviting me to give a testimony to the people of CSB. Thank you also CSB for the tokens below :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My 4 Year Old Daughter Earned 36% in the Stock Market in Less than a Year

I missed writing and blogging. It's been a while since I posted in this blog. I will try to post more in the succeeding days :)

It was just that I am very excited to blog above my daughter's earning because it is an evidence of how powerful the Stock Market is in terms of investment. You can view my post about opening a COL Account for my 3yo daughter who is now 4yo in this link.

Initially, we planned of investing a fixed amount every month in her account but due to some changes in plan, we're not able to religiously do it.  But still based on our records, we're able to add in her account 15 times in less than a year. And I am happy to report that she already gained an overall of 36% after Market closed today February 6 following Bro. Bo Sanchez advise to the Truly Rich Club Members.

My daughter's account have only four companies in her Portfolio and all of them are positive. Percent gain ranges from 4.4% to 30.74%.

Her Total Account Equity Value is not much right now but if we stick to our plan of adding up to her account whenever we have windfalls, I know we can get there. As the saying goes, "DREAM BIG. START SMALL."

By the way, we have a son who'll be seeing the beauty of the world mid of this year and we plan to open an account for him before the year ends.

It pays to be early. Just take a look at the illustration below. It only shows that if you Start Early, you can Be a Billionaire in the Stock Market.

Figures taken from a COL Financial flyers/leaflet. :)