Monday, June 9, 2008

GAS Saving Tips

Since GAS price nowadays is really making our head ache, I have come up with some saving tips below:

1. Gasing up car weekly or fulling your tank. It is more efficient based on our experience. We are having a longer mileage whenever we gas up with a full tank.Also, by doing this, you are shielded by the daily or weekly price hike.
2. Use your SM Advantage Card when gasing up at PETRON. We are getting 4 points for every 1000 peso worth of gas. This 4 points is equal to 4 pesos that you can use to purchase items in SM department or grocery store.
3. Use a credit card which offers a gas rebate. In our case, we are using my BPI-Petron Mastercard. This is because of the 3% rebate gas rebate we're getting. We get 30 peso rebate for a 1000 peso worth of gas.

Let's do some math:
Petron XTRA/li = 50.16
3% rebate / li = 1.51
Actual Gas Paid/li = 48.66

Our actual Gas Expense Monthly = 6K (120 liters/mo)
Gas Rebate/Month = 180
Savings per Year = 2.16K (provided that no Gas price hike within a year).

Hope you get where I am going. However, I don't know until when this rebate will be given to the consumer. But for now, we will take advantage of it.

But just word of advise, be sure to pay your CC before the due date because if not, you'll end up paying for more.

Hope you can also share some other tips?

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