Tuesday, November 18, 2008

US Economy Crisis and Some Bad News

I was not able to go to work yesterday because of nausea. I know this day will not be a good day for me because I have tons of email to read. I have ~ 400 new messages in my inbox.

But I never thought that more bad news will be coming in. A counterpart from the US called me and brought out a bad news.
1. One of our counterparts were terminated this morning. She was in our plant last week and just reported to our SJ office this morning. I know it it such a bad news for her. This made us all sad.
2. Latest news in Silicon Valley is about a Chinese Engineer who got fired and in return killed 3 people in their company (HR personnel, VP and CEO).

I know US is far from the Philippines but we are somehow affected because there are a lot of American companies here in the Philippines. We will be affected whether we like it or not.

Actually, rumors had been circulating lately here in the office. There would be lay-offs. They said it's about 15-20% per group/ per department. This is making us paranoids. We don't know whose on the list. Only directors know what's on the list. The announcement is taking a backseat because they still need to consult with DOLE. But according to the rumors, the announcement will be on Monday. I'm keeping my fingers cross. I'm praying really hard and trying to stop thinking about it. I don't want my baby to be affected.


Sherwin said...

hi ella!

i was in SM just today, since you've posted here about SM's 'trick', well somebody out there has really made a trick out of SM GC's. I overheard over the PA of SM Supermarket today that there are fake GC's circulating. The PA said -
"Please do not entertain anybody who wants to exchange your cash for his GC. It's fake. Transact only at the SM counter."

FYI and share with friends.

corona1 said...

pero yung GC peeps will tell u hintayin na lang nila sa cashier before u give them the money, point is they just want to get rid of the GCs.
and on the part of SM, ofcourse kumita na sila the moment the GC was sold kaya pipigilan nila yung paggamit nito.. strategy lang yan.
dont get me wrong, im not saying maawa tayo sa GC peeps, thats not my point...

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