Monday, November 9, 2009

Loving my Credit Card

I love my BPI Credit Card. Aside from getting 3% rebate for filling up our tank with Petron products, we are also getting food freebies.

Last Month, we're able to claim a lot of Jolly Hotdogs, Ice Craze, Fries and Burgers. This Month, we're able to claim a lot of Chicken Joy and Peach Mango Pies. It was a great help especially on tough time. My daughter was confined in a hospital last week. We're able to save some on food expenses by using the charge slips. We're able to have 2 free lunch for 3 people. Not bad, right?

If you have a BPI credit card or even a debit card, you can click here for the details of their food freebies this month.

By the way, this is just some of the good things that we can get from our credit card. But we also need to remember that we have to pay our purchases before the due date to avoid finance charges.

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