Monday, March 18, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Saved by the Stock Alert

We are a religious follower of the STOCK ALERTs* that Bro. Bo is sending to all the TrulyRichClub Members. But when I read one research done by COL's Analyst on BDO, I got interested and added it in our portfolio. We've been buying BDO since last year but I stopped for some time. This is after I had a little discussion with Mr. Edward Lee of COL Financial last October during the TrulyRichClub Superconference. I stopped buying BDO stock but I didn't sell.

For the past few months, the stock market is going up. It had hit ALL-TIME Record Highs. Last month Bro. Bo sent an Stock Alert on adding DNL in our portfolio. The expected gain is quite high and I was thinking of selling our BDO shares to take advantage of this gain. Besides, BDO is not part of our SAM list.

However, there was a slight correction last week in the stock market and I forgot about selling. Then this morning, we received an Stock Alert from Bro. Bo. We are now adding BDO in our SAM list. Whooo. Saved by the Stock Alert! There is still a lot of room to grow on this stock. Nothing just happen. :)

By the way, the StockAlert is one of the Perks that a person gets in being a member of the TrulyRichClub. The StockUpdates are emailed twice a month while StockAlerts are emailed depending on the need. This serves as a guide for TrulyRichClub members who are invested in the Stock Market using the SAM strategy. To know more of the SAM strategy, you can read the Book of Bro. Bo entitled "The Turtle Always Win". A review of this book can also be found on this link.

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* Stock Alert - An email sent to TrulyRichClub Members alerting them for a BUY, SELL and HOLD advise.

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And good to know. My newbie-investor friend has been investing in BDO.