Friday, July 8, 2016

Truly Rich Club is Changing... for the BETTER :)

Change is good. And the TRULY RICH CLUB wants to change for the better.

This coming July 11, 2016, Bro. Bo Sanchez is celebrating his 50th birthday. Yes, he is already entering the golden years. And as he enters this next season in life, he is re-launching Truly Rich Club which will be called “Truly Rich Club 2.0

In this regard, there will be added benefits  for TRC 2.0 members which will be announced soon.

New members who will sign-up during the re-launch period will receive the following gifts:

a. A paperback copy of my latest book (ebook for international members)
b. A chance to have a coffee date with Bro. Bo (10 winners)

To learn more about Truly Rich Club 2.0, watch Bro. Bo's videos here: TRC 2.0 Pre-launch. These are just 3 short videos and if you haven't watched it, then you should! There's a red bar below the videos and I want you to click on it and make sure to register to find out what will happen in the next few days!

We've been a member of the Truly Rich Club for more than 6 years now. Truly Rich Club has been our online and offline mentor. It's been our guide financially and spiritually. We share in it's belief that "The Ultimate Purpose of Wealth is to LOVE Others". It's mission is to "Make GOOD People Wealthy". Today, We're blessed to have savings, investments and business. All of these would never happen if we were not introduced to the Truly Rich Club. Truly Rich Club was part of our Journey and we wanted you to be blessed by it as well.

Again, we invite you to watch Bro. Bo's videos here: TRC 2.0 Pre-launch and BE BLESSED! :)

May all our Dreams Come True!

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