Saturday, May 2, 2009

Waived Credit Card Annual Fee

I just want to thank PinayandMoney for the tip on waiving annual fee for BPI credit cards. I didn't know about this before. Initially, I am charging all purchases to my credit card to earn reward points that I can use to pay for my annual fee. Sayang. If I have known  about it earlier,  I could have use my points to get other reward items.

Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I was able to avail it this year. I just called their hotline and asked them if I can avail of the waived annual fee. After reviewing my account for some minutes, they confirmed that my request was approved and gave me the confirmation number. The reversal of the fee should reflect in 2 to 3 working days. And it did. Thanks to BPI and thanks again to PinayandMoney for this information.


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Congratulations on having your credit card annual fee waived. I've never had problems asking companies to waive my annual fee. If you ask politely they will most likely oblige. However, some cards with tie up promos like Shell-Citibank and BPI-Petron don't always approve reversal requests. They reason out that they incur costs as well from the rebates that you gain through your purchases in Shell or Petron respectively.

Totoo talaga. You could have used your points for something else. Furthermore, the annual fee is quite big. You could have bought yourself something else.

Keep on blogging ^^

Hi! That happened with me and my SHell Citibank card as well. THey are hesitant to waive tie up cards because they incur costs as well. I think they pay part of the rebates you get for purchasing shell products, that's why they don't easily waive the annual fee. However, the manager from citibank was quick to offer me a different citibank card, one with only reward points. With this one, they have always agreed to have it waived. (Siguro 4 years na). I think the same goes for BPI-Petron, usually they will only agree for a 50% reversal of annual fee but not 100% especially if you have been able to avail of the rebates through gas purchases. Get an ordinary credit card and for sure, your annual fee will be waived. Specially if you have a good record. Just remember to ask politely as well. If they don't agree, you can always get a new one with a first year annual fee waive.

BTW, I have a personal finance blog as well that you might be interested. I noticed that we have read almost the same books. Good luck to us ^^

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Leela Travels said...

glad to know you were able to waive your annual fee. hirap na hirap ako sa pagpapa-waive ng worldperks ko. what i got is 50% lang. oh, well. =)


Sam Singh said...

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