Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BPI Trade Lowered the ADB of their Savings Account

I got this mail last week and I was happy about it. Now, we can use some of the amount use to maintain our account to buy more stocks. I t will not be wasted waiting for the 1.75% interest which is being compounded quarterly. My dumdum have more power.

Dear BPI Trade clients:


Please be informed that the monthly maintaining Average Daily Balance (ADB) of your BPITrade settlement account with BPI Direct Savings Bank has been lowered from P5,000 to P500.00. As a non-ATM deposit account, the BPITrade settlement account will earn interest as follows:

Interest Rates (per annum)
If daily balance is:
PhP 0 - 499 0.000% p.a.
PhP 500 and above 1.750% p.a.

Please visit the FAQs on the BPITrade website for more information.

Thank you.

BPI Trade Team


Millionaire Acts said...

Hello, I think we are on the same niche. May I invite you to visit my blog if you may allow? :)

Anonymous said...

can i withdraw form bpi trade without using transfer method? using bpi direct atm card?

Ella said...

Hi. i'm not sure about it. but since you already have an atm card, then i think, you can withdraw directly. i don't have an atm kasi.