Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goals for 2010 (REVB)

Hubby and I attended Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar 2 weeks ago and we can say that it's all worth every cent. We'll be posting our realizations and lessons learned on a separate blog entry. For the meantime, see below for some revisions we made on our REVA Goals.

1. Maintain the # of Coop Share deduction for our Emergency Fund.
a. Reduce # of Coop Share Reduction for our planned monthly investments.
b. Withdraw a portion of our Coop shares for investments and business.

2. Create other Sources of Income thru business.
- Tshirt Printing. Need to attend TRC Training (FEB or MARCH) - Backlogged.
- Personalized item/Scrapbooking Need to know how to promote/ Advertise
- Food Business Add to 2011 Goal
Additional to our list:
- Study Real Estate Investing
- Milk Retailing - started last week. Goal is to get our daughter's milk for free.
- Check for our opportunities.

3.Attend Bo Sanchez Group's Seminars
- Truly Rich Financial Coaching - Couple - DONE!
- Investing in Real Estate - Hubby
- Internet Marketing- Me

4. Minimize our Expenses - No Change
- Limit Lunch out during weekdays
- Utilities- follow tipid tips for water, electricity
- Limit consumables by having a weekly plan the dishes to cook and create a schedule for laundry and ironing of clothes.

5. Additional Investments - Complete Re-write
- Mutual fund (40% of our Coop Withdrawal)
** 35% for our Retirement
** 5% for our Daughter's Educ Plan
- Stocks (35% of our Coop Withdrawal))
Where are the other 30%?
- 10% - Tithe
- 10% - Milk Retailing Business
- 5% - 3rd Year Payment of our VUL.

6. Insurances
- Renew our Fire Insurance - Broker tbd.
- Update Beneficiaries
- Check/Revew - Life insurance
- Get an Educuational Plan for our daughter - converted to MF investment.
- Get a Retirement Plan - will not pursue. Will get our Retirement funds from the investments today.

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