Monday, March 8, 2010

More than a 20 Pesos

Yesterday, hubby was invited to be a sponsor of a child of of one of our colleagues. We bought our 1yo daughter with us minus our yaya. Having a toddler in tow is really hard but we want it that way since we are working and weekend is the only time we can have with her.

While I am taking care of our baby, a sampaguita boy asked me to buy from him. I told him that I will buy later. I saw a nice smile from him and said, "mamaya ha?" (It's a deal, right?).

When the ceremony ended and forgot about the boy. He approached me and reminded me of my "promise". He prepared the 10pesos worth of sampaguita. I felt guilty of forgetting my promise thus I asked him to make it 20pesos. After getting the sampaguita. I already took care of our little girl but when I turned around, the boy is still around and then said to me " Thank you, ate". I gae him a smile.

I got surprise and I still can't believe that our 20pesos can give us such a heavenly feeling. The smile and the appeciation that I saw from the boy's face is worth more than 20pesos.


I want to earn a lot of 20pesos to receive more smiles. Hehehe Kidding aside, this incident drives me more to become more wealthy to be able to help more. More is More.

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