Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2010 - 1st Day Only

I was only able to attend the 1st day of the Summit and Expo because of prior commitments but I was able to learn a lot. I really believe that Financial Education is not expensive compared to Ignorance.

Below are the things I've noted while listening to the speakers:

A. Trace Trajano
"The Think Rich Quick System of Flipping Properties"

Why Real Estate?
I - Income or cashflow
E- Equity (loan paid by tenants)
A - Appreciation
L - Leverage

Wrong Way of making Money in RE:
1. Condo Craze
- buying on pre-selling/pre-construction
- money is tied up for 3-5 yrd and at risk w/ market fluctuations
- if rented, risk of getting a bad tenant

Affiliate Real Estate Marketing
- sell other properties first
- build buyers database
-learn how to market
- no risk of using own money

Renovations are after the ROI and Profit

How to Find Buyers
- WOM (Word of Mouth)
- COIN (Center of influence Networking)
**** Architects, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, RE investors, Contractors
- Online Ads(, cariglist)
-Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Question to ask confirm a CASH Buyer ?
- What's your Financing?

B. Eden Dayrit
"Get Rich thru Rent-to-Own Properties"

Strategy: Find>Fund>Fix>Sell>Profit

How to Find Market Value
1. Zonal Value
2. Comparables
3. Income Method

Find: Auctions, Listings
Fund: Create Prospectus for Investors
Fix: Get Quotes from 3 contractors
** important is roof and bathrooms
Sell: must have a competitive price for faster sale

C. Dr. Dups delos Reyes
"Secrets of Direct Sales Superstars"

Super Sales Strategies
1. Belief - product Mastery and enthusiam
2. Listening - feel good
3. Strategy - prospects/persistence/spiritual energy

Meaning of Selling
- Oral presentation in a conversation w/ prospective purchasers to make a sale.

Negative: Attack, Blame and Complain
Positive: Adapt, Balance and Care

Advantages of Postive Attitudes:
-More Energy
-Reduced Stress
- Better REsult

Qualities of a Good Sales Person
1. Ability to close
2. Intrinsic Motivation
3. Interpersonal Skills
4. Disciplined Work Habits

Reasons why People Buy
1. They buy solutions.
2. They feel good and important (they buy good feelings).

Sales Ratio
1. You reap what you sow (1:10).
2. It takes time for a fruit to ripen (1:5th). Repeat visits

Daily Sales Plan: See,Call,Do

3 P's for Success:
Passion, Patience and Persistence = PRAYER!

D: Conrado Bate of Citisec Online
Simple Stock Market Investing: The Way to a Richer Life

Good Quality Stocks
- growing
- earnings visibility/predictability
-mgmt credibility
-superior products and services
- strong balance sheet

Good Money Mgmt:
1. Diversify stocks/industries
2. Comfy
*** Computation: 100 - AGE= MAX % of Savings to Stocks

PESO COST AVERAGING thru Income, Time, Discipline.
- available thru Citisec's EIP.

E. Malaya Laraya
"Beat the market with foreign stocks and funds"

Why Managed Time?
-to leverage on Time, Expertise and Access

Local vs. Global Managed Funds
A: Local
- Limited types and choices
- Regulatory Concerns
- Liquidity Issues
B: Global
Varied (their are funds that are based from beliefs)
Better Regulations
Very Liquid Markets

F: Butch Villamor of One Outsource Direct
"TELESALES:How to make Money Selling over the Phone"

Why Telemarketing???
1. Good Profit Margin
2. Huge Opportunities
3. Huge Market (Global)

G: Mark So of Forex Club Manila
"Fast and Furious Forex Trading"

Currencies Trading

Trading in Pairs:

Initial Investment = US$300
Market opens = 24/5
** No approve broker yet in Phils.
** No other fees except for bank fee = US40

Important Note:
Vengeance Trading is a bad move.

The seminar ended an hour late compared to what it should be but the people didn't leave their seats until the last speaker finished his talk. They indeed value all the things that they can get from the summit. It was really a jam packed day. I wished I was able to attend the 2nd day. Nevertheless, I still recommend this summit/expo. I will surely attend the next one and invite my friends and family.

Should you have any questions with the things I wrote here, you can email me @ I will be happy to answer all your queries.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the information you have provided in your blog. It is very informative.

Is it possible for you to elaborate more on what you have written about condo craze. What do you mean by buying on pre-selling/pre-construction and money is tied up for 3-5 yrd and at risk w/ market fluctuations?

Why is condo not a good investment in RE?

Ella Go said...

Hi, thanks for your comment.
It was said that it is not too good to invest in preselling condo because your money is tied up to this invesztment. You can use the money in other investments which can give you profit in less than 3 years.

Depending on the economy and other market conditions, these condos can make or break your expected profit