Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feast PICC Talk Series: Break Feast with Special Sharing by Edward Lee 030412

The Overflow Series Officially Ended last Sunday with a BREAK Feast. There was no talk but a sharing by Edward Lee.

But Who is Edward Lee???

Back Track:
Edward Lee did not come from a rich family. Her mother was a teacher and her father was an ordinary door-to-door salesman. He is a college drop out because he doesn't like school.

Fast Forward:
Edward Lee is the Chairman of the Board of CitisecOnline.Com Inc. He has held this post since 1999. He is Chairman of the Board of CSI since 1986 and Chairman of the Board of CitisecOnline HK since 2001. He served as Nominee of CSI to Manila Stock Exchange (MSE) and the PSE. In addition, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CWC Group of Companies which includes CWC Development, Inc., Barrington Carpets, Inc., Citimex, Inc. and CWC International, Inc.

He shared his Secrets to Success:

1. Have a Purpose
- Write down your Goals

2. Build Relationship
* Build relationship to the people who are critical for the success of your business
- Employess
- Customers
- Suppliers
- Bankers

3. Have Integrity
- Honor what you commit
- Do what you SAY.

4. Financial Literacy
- Know the Principle of Receive, Retain and Reproduce.

* Give Back to God for everything that we have was from Him.

Looking back at who he was to who he is now is so inspiring. But according to him, it was all because of his parents. He is a "Product of Unconditional Love". Even though he was failing at school, he never heard his parents telling bad things on him instead they encouraged him to do good. Thus, he encourages all parents to spend more time with their children and bless them instead of telling them words that will offend and destroy them. He also mentioned that " There were NO Bad Children, Only Bad Parents".

It was a short talk. I think it was less than 15 minutes but Edward was able to deliver the message to becoming successful. Everything must be written. Trust God. Love others. Do the work. Give back to God.

His talk blessed me. I hope this will bless you too!

A Break Feast is not a typical Feast. We have this every end of a Talk Series. A Break Feast is where we spend more time with the Lord, praising, worshiping Him or just being with Him. The Break Feast last Sunday was made special by  the Anointing of the Feast Attendees Hands. This is to receive God's Grace and Bless the works of our Hands. 

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