Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

I've already been hearing about T. Harv Eker from the seminars I have attended and maybe people I have meet but never really took attention on him. However, few days after finishing the book "Ang Pera na hindi Bitin", I went  to a bookstore looking for another book to read and chanced upon this book of T. Harv Eker. I got curious about the Title and bought it together with another book on Warren Buffet.

I am very glad that I bought this book. It was awakening and very comprehensive. It was divided into 4 parts namely:

a. "Who the Heck is T. Harv Eker and Why Should I Read this Book?"
b. PART ONE: Your Money Blueprint
c. PART TWO: The Wealth Files
d. "So What the Heck Do I Do Now?"

At first, I thought that I gonna be bored reading this book because of the long chapters. But it never happened to me. A had a lot of realization while reading it.

Harv discussed our Money Blueprint, where it came from and how it affects our thoughts, action and attitude towards Money. He also mentioned steps and ways on how can we change our money blueprint for the better. 

He also used some mathematical equations which are:

1. T > F > A = R
Thoughts Leads to Fear
Fear Leads to Action
Action Leads to Result

2. CZ = WZ
Comfort Zone equals Wealth Zone. By expanding your comfort zone, you will expand your income and wealth zone.

On part Two of the Book, Harv discussed the Seventeen (17) Ways Rich People Think Differently from Poor and Middle Class People which are:

1.  Rich people believe “I create my own life”.  Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”
2.  Rich people play the money game to win.  Poor people play the money game not to lose.
3.  Rich people are committed to being rich.  Poor people want to be rich.
4.  Rich people think big.  Poor people think small.
5.  Rich people focus on opportunities.  Poor people focus on obstacles.
6.  Rich people admire other rich and successful people.  Poor people resent rich and successful people.
7.  Rich people associate with positive, successful people.  Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.
8.  Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value.  Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.
9.   Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems.
10. Rich people are excellent receivers.  Poor people are poor receivers.
11. Rich people choose to get paid based on results.  Poor people choose to get paid based on their time.
12. Rich people think “both”.  Poor people think “either/or”.
13. Rich people focus on their net worth.  Poor people focus on their working income.
14. Rich people manage their money well.  Poor people mismanage their money well.
15. Rich people have their money work hard for them.  Poor people work hard for their money.
16. Rich people act in spite of fear.  Poor people let fear stop them.
17. Rich people constantly learn and grow.  Poor people think they already know.

I agree on all of these ways. I haven't mastered all of them but trying my best to correct my thinking. And put into practice all the things I learned because according to Harv, by doing so, we can quickly move to a higher level of life. 

We also need to understand the order to success for the Rich which is:

BE > DO > HAVE ~ If I become a successful person, I will be able to do what I need to do to have what I want, including a lot of Money. 

I believe that this book must be part of the first books for Financial Literacy because Harv was really successful in bringing out the root cause of our money problems and how can we effectively correct it.

Harv also mentioned some of the great investments we can focus on like Stocks and Real Estate. He even mentioned "Don't Wait to Buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate and Wait".

Aside from the Rich Ways, there are also parts in the book where we make declarations which are listed below:

Place your hand on your heart and say the following declarations…

“My inner world creates my outer world.”

“ What I heard about money isn’t necessarily true. I choose to adopt new ways of thinking that support my happiness and success.”

“What I modeled around money was their way. I choose my way.”

“ I release my nonsupportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.”

“I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.”

“I create the exact level of my financial success!”

“My goal is to become a millionaire and more!”

“I commit to being rich.”

“I think big! I choose to help thousands and thousands of people!”

“I promote my value to others with passion and enthusiasm.”

“ I am an excellent receiver. I am open and willing to receive massive amounts of money into my life.”

“I choose to get paid based on my results.”

“I always think ‘both.’ ”

“I focus on building my net worth!”

“I am an excellent money manager.”

“My money works hard for me and makes me more and more money.”

“I am committed to constantly learning and growing.”

Touch your head and say… “I have a millionaire mind!”

Harv believes that these declarations are powerful but this would not give us any result until we ACT. Talk is cheap. Our Action is the one that will count.

I highly recommend this book!!!

In Summary:
Price: Php 335 only in NBS
Content: Check
Recommended: Super Check


Maves Salva- Angeles said...

great review! continue posting your new learnings! said...

I love his book. I even attended his seminar in Singapore last year.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts leads to "feelings" NOT fear.