Thursday, October 2, 2014

Truly Rich Club GOLD Mastermind 09.28.14

The Truly Rich Club GOLD Mastermind is a new program of Bro. Bo Sanchez for the Truly Rich Club Members. It started aftere the Wealth Summit last February 2014.

The Truly Rich Club GOLD Mastermind is a quarterly event EXCLUSIVE for Truly Rich Club members ONLY. It is a half-day event of learning and bonding with other TRC Members.

To date, there were already three (3) mastermind sessions that had happened. But it is only our (me and my husband) first time to attend because of some conflicts with our schedules.

According to Bro. Bo as well as the other Truly Rich Club members who have been attending the previous masterminds, each Mastermind is different. Each session, Truly Rich Club Platinum Members and other mentors are taking the stage and sharing ideas on how we can create multiple income streams.

For the Mastemind last Sunday, we're able to learn from Vera dela Cruz, TJ Manotoc, Bro. Bo Sanchez and Jay Paul Hernandez.

Below are the things that I had noted during their sharing:

Events Organizer/Planner of Whitekraft Events Solution
27yo :)

1. Obedience to Parents = God's reward.
> From the start, she wanted to be an events organizer but her parents wanted her to become a nurse. She obeyed her parents. She graduated as a nurse. Worked for 4 years as a nurse. Then, resigned and pursued her dream. Her journey as a nurse was not put to waste because a lot of her clients today are her colleagues, friends, classmates and doctors from the hospital where she worked from.

2. Keep on Dreaming. Have a Vision.
V - isualize it
I - nternalize it
S - speak about it
I - nitiate it (take the 1st step)
O - wn it
N - urture it and TRUST GOD

Broadcast Journalist / Social Entrepreneur.
Initiated the program/business " SWITCH to SAVE"
Tag Line: Switch Brand. Save Lives.

1. What is Social Entrepreneurship?
Social entrepreneurship is the field in which entrepreneurs tailor their activities to be directly tied with the ultimate goal of creating social value.

2. Why a need for Social Entrepreneurship? Donor Fatigue

3. Product of Necessity vs. Product of Choice. The former is better.

4. SWITCH to SAVE Products to date: Angel's Secret Sanitary Napkin, CleanAll Soaps.
Why Napkin? 70% of Payatas Trash are napkins and diapers. Angel's Secret napkins are biodegrable.
*** To be a dealer: Minimal Capital. Only Requirement is a Big Heart.

5. Have a story to inspire.

1. The Main Goal of Truly Rich Club is "Helpng Good People become Rich"
2. Update on his maids' stock account which is now at Php740k and she's only 31yo. She's be having 30M when she retires :)
3. It's a DONE DEAL!!! All TRC Members will become Multi-Millionaires.

Former HR Personnel
Feast Builder in Greenhills

1. PASSION is like looking for a perfect shoe. It should suit your style, your taste, must fit well and must be comfortable.
2. Don't live day to day.
3. Live for something bigger than yourself.
4. The Best is yet to come.

After the talk, the attendees were divided into 10 groups. Each group was facilitated by a Truly Rich Club Platinum member. They are not being paid for this but it is their way of giving back. It was a great experience. We're able to know our mentors more and able to meet and greet other TRC members. In our group, we've learned that many of us have similar passions (writing, events organizing, music, etc.). We become instant friends. We actually all agreed to have an FB group where we could exchange questions and ideas. It was indeed a fun learning experience for us.

In summary, we learned a lot from this mastermind and we believe that there are a lot of things that we could still learn if we continue to attend the quarterly mastermind. We hope that you could also join us.

For more details on How to be a member of Truly Rich Club Member: CLICK HERE

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