Friday, February 22, 2008

SAVE Now or PAY Later

As I was waiting for my turn in our office ATM, I was reading the post on the Bulletin Board. There are lots of campaign ads for Energy Conservation. One poster caught my attention. It says " CONSERVE ENERGY". Then there is a little caption at the bottom that says " SAVE NOW or PAY LATER".

For me.... it is not only applicable to energy. It applies to all. It can be for health, money, relationship and others. But since..this blog is about the DUM DUM. Then... I say.... we should really apply this principle.

There are a lot of celebrities we've known who are from RAGs to RICHES then RAGs again. This is because... they forgot to SAVE when they still have money to save. And Now... they are PAYing the consequences.

Saving should be practiced until it becomes a habit....

I don't know who taught me about saving... my mom does not save...shhhh.. but I can still remember that I started saving when I was a kid. I already had lots of different alikansya.. from bamboo, piggy bank, plastic bottle to fancy containers. Now I still have 2 alikansya.... a fancy looking coin bank and a Piknik Can. I save my coins there for my cravings and for New Year Tradition. Hehehe.

Saving had been a habit for me.
Investing is a different story.
I am still learning about it....

Bottomline... we have to save.
Practice Saving.
Make it a Habit.
So we'll have nothing to PAY later.
We'll just receive the interest or dividends of our savings....

And by that time.... I hope... we'll all be swimming in cash (quoted from our VP's speech. Hehehe).

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