Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travel, Retirement, Wishful Thinking...ekek

Today, my group had a lunch out with our visitor from the US. He did some mechanical/opto checking with our test set-up. Unfortunately... it's not yet working. It may need some program tweaks and he's not the man for it. The one responsible for the program is on a whole week vacation. Hehehe.

Anyway, he treated us in Yellow Cab Tagaytay. We ate some pizza and spicy chicken wings. While traveling (Tagaygay is abut 30-45minutes drive from our office) and talking....I found out or i think he's kinda money smart man. He stopped drinking coffee because of the effect he noticed when he don't drink coffee in a day. He then finally found the saving he can get by not drinking coffee everyday ---- about $15 a week. This is about $780 a year. Laki noh?

Then... we learned also that he had been to most of the places in my travel wish list. He'd been to New York and Europe (Paris, London, etc). We asked him about the expenses they had in Europe. They told us that his family (he, his wife and 2 kids) spent almost two weeks in Europe. Almost a week was spent in relatives' places (less expenses). And still... the trip cost them about $15K. A huge amount of money. In today's conversion rate... it is about... 600K php. My husband and I can't afford it now..... but I hope... sooner or later.... we can. Hehehe.

I would like to travel. I would like to go Singapore, NY, Dubai and Europe. I've already been to US twice just because of the trainings that was sponsored by our company. Also been to Taiwan because of a project. Hubby had been to India and Taiwan because of projects but he had never been to US. Together, we've been to Bangkok for our honeymoon and Hongkong for our 2nd year wedding anniversary. Hope we will have more travel in the future.... but for now... we still need to save and invest.....

This makes me think of our retirement plan.... when we retire... we would like to have the dumdum to spend for trips. But... with the amount we're saving right now... I am still doubting it if we can do that.. We are just keeping our fingers cross that the Philippine Economy will boom someday.... we're still wishful thinking.. hehehe.

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