Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Updates on our 2008 GOAL

As promised... we'll be reviewing our GOALs at least once a month and below is the status:

1. May not happen due to stock market recession. This may be pushed out to next year but we are still keeping our fingers cross. The fund from SLVL are still intact.

2. DONE - form Submitted last 01/28/08. Deduction will start this February.

3. DONE with Philam. Met with an agent last Saturday. We're reviewing the papers now. We are to sign-up for a retirement plan within this month. Still thinking of getting in touch with a Sunlife agent.

4. Hmmm... no comment. The retirement plan we're reviewing right now already includes a life insurance.

5. Religiously following it.

6. This blog entry is the proof. Hope I can keep my promise about it. Hehehe.

In summary, we're still in good shape except for #1. But still, according to Colayco Book, we can still consider it as a GOOD DEBT. Need not to worry much.

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