Thursday, May 13, 2010

EQ DRY Baby’s 1st Chair and Desk REDEMPTION PROMO

Got this info from one of my yahoo group. I was so happy because at long last I can dispose the wrappers that I've been keeping since our baby was born. She had used EQ DRY for the longest time. I could have continued using it because of the low cost but our little girl started to get rashes few months ago. I then switched to another brand. Nevertheless, I still kept our EQ wrappers because I knew that EQ has seasonal promos.

As of today, I can get a set of chair and table because I have accumulated the exact points needed to avail of the set. I am eyeing on the Ladybug set. Hope there would be enough stock.

Tomorrow, I'll be giving my wrappers to my friend. He will ask her sister to submit our wrappers to JS unitrade office which is just near her area together with my friend's wrappers too. Thanks in Advance!

Promo Notes:
1. Promo period: May 7- July 21, 2010
2. EQ Dry with Cloth-like cover will still be accepted.
3. Points required: Chair = 26pts. , Table = 42 pts.

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