Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got this info from the BFB site. This is just one of the many Freebies for being a member of the site. We get information on free webinars like this.

This is a part of the email I got from Trace:

Commercial real estate - apartment buildings, retail strip malls
office buildings - are a lot more lucrative than houses. You want
proof? Donald Trump does not buy-fix and re-sell houses, right?
Robert Kiyosaki's real estate holdings are primarily apartments
and storage units. The thing is most people think commercial
real estate is too BIG for them.
Nothing can be further from the truth.
I acquired two apartment buildings - one a 36-unit and another a
133-unit complex - both for NO MONEY DOWN. And the amount
of work I do is the same in apartments vs. houses....
and here's the SWEET FACT: the cashflow from my 133-unit
apartment complex is equal to the cashflows of 50 houses!
I paid a mentor $10,000 so he can teach me how to do this and
the fee I gave him is worth it.
You are luckier than me for 2 reasons.
1. There's an impending TIDAL WAVE of foreclosures of
commercial properties in the next few months. This means
(I bought buildings when the market was HOT so I overpaid
for will have massive opportunities to pick up
commercial properties DIRT CHEAP!)
2. DC Fawcett and Karen Hanover are going to teach you
for free - in a webinar - how to buy commercial properties
and they will even partner with you...
- they will teach you how to do it...then...
- you go and find a good commercial property...then...
- they give you the money to buy it...then...
- you - and DC & Karen split the profit...
Find out more details by clicking HERE
I wish I had partners like DC and Karen when I started...
I would have saved that $10,000 and I would have acquired
more buildings. Take advantage of your LUCK by attending
DC's and Karen's webinar - HERE
dedicated to your success,

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