Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review: Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin by Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr.

I first heard about this book from the TRP Mastery Academy that I attended to last February 1 and 2. Sir Larry Gamboa used this book as an example of how to target your audience. I got curious about the book but I forgot about it after the seminar.

However, last Friday after a meeting and while waiting for my husband, I decided to go inside National Bookstore. I was trying to look for a book on Warren Buffet when I saw this book on the "Bestseller" Section. I remembered that it was the book that Sir Larry mentioned during our seminar. I didn't think twice of buying it and even got surprised seeing that it is only Php50.

I started reading it the night I bought it and finished the day after. It was a great book from cover to cover. The author was very effective of referencing Bible verses on his every topic. The way the author discussed each strategy on money management was simple and can easily be grasped by ordinary people.

These strategies are:

1. Save – Use the “Automatic Millionaire” savings system. This blog post might also help explain it. He also made this quote:
"Ang taong ipon ng ipon, pera nya'y di lilipad na parang ibon."

This is true because the basic and first step to financial freedom is the art of "Saving".

2. Give – Give to the Lord. He doesn’t need our Money. We have a “Rich and Generous Dad”. But He wants us to do this to help us. The more we empty ourselves, the more blessings he can pour unto us.

3. Get out of Debt and Stop Borrowing – The Borrower is a Slave of the Lender. Set a goal of getting out of debt and never borrow again.

4. Live Simply – Living a simple life can help you get out of debt and help you to save more.  It pays to be frugal. And always remember to “PRAY before you PAY". He discussed in the book why we need to do so.

5. Work Hard and be an Entrepreneur – Develop and Monetize our God given talents.

6. Invest – The best to secure your future is through investments. But he noted that we need to “INVESTigate Before we INVEST. Don’t fall for the “Get Rich Quick” schemes. You can check mutual funds, the stock market, etc.

7. Educate Yourself – Invest in yourself. Attend seminars, read books, etc. “If you think Financial Intelligence is Expensive, TRY Ignorance”.

These strategies when followed will indeed be a very effective way of making our PISO not to be BITIN.

The book is short yet comprehensive, simple and straight to the point which will never bore the readers. The comic illustrations were also effective on bringing humor to the strategies recommended. It was also written  in “Taglish” which made it successful in delivering his message to his target readers.

Another thing I liked about the book was the page where it listed down their Book Recommendations. Some of them I have already read but most will be on my "To Read" List.

In Summary:
Price: Check
Content: Check
Recommended: Super Checck

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