Tuesday, February 26, 2013

STOCK MARKET: Bull Market vs. Bull Run

I read an interesting article  in the Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper today written by Den Somara under his Column Market Run which is entitled "The Bull Market and the Bull Run". He is a Licensed Stock Broker of Eagle Equities Inc.

According to the article, many are confused on what is happening in the stock market. Many were expecting a correction but it never got sustained. Prices will be low in a few days but it will rise again and outperformed the previous weeks. Whether the prices will go down soon will only depend on the kind of buyers. It will not go down if they are taken by the "long-term buyers". However, prices will go down if they are taken by the "short term buyers" or speculators.

Below is what I have noted from his article:

 > Series of price movements.
 > It is prolonged and characterized by daily gains.
 > It is the period where there is a run of stock prices.

 > It is characterized by a sustained rise of share prices.
 > It happens when the the economy is strong, people have money and are willing to spend it. Demand becomes stronger. Market prices go up.

> It is the time frame at which such price run happens.

Another information I have noted is "If the daily price increases are sustained for at least 5 trading days, the stock,sector or index could be in a run." If the run is the result of rising prices, it is called a rally, a BULL RALLY.

It was such a great and informative article. Hope you get something from what I've shared.

~ May our dreams come true. Cheers to PSEi being at 10,000 soon! :)


Carlos said...

Haha! 10,000! sana nga :D

But yeah it's very informative, thanks for sharing.

Maybe the correction anxiety going around will die down a bit:)

A couple of more years of this bull market should do wonders for most Filipinos - the financially literate ones at least...

Ella Go said...

Yes - 10,000. The forecast from COL is from 3.5 to 7 years. Konting-konti na lang. :)

We should take advantage of the short correction that is happening:)