Friday, January 10, 2014

Start Early and Be a Billionaire through the Stock Market Part II

This post is dedicated to all parents out there but if you're not a parent and you still haven't invested in the stock market, this is also for you.

This is part II because part I is for my eldest child. I was able to open a stock account for her at age 3. Part II is about our second child. We were also able to open a stock account for him.  He also started early. He is not 3 years old. Not 2 years old. Or not even 1 year old. We're able to open an account for him when he was 2 months old. It was after his baptismal. We used the money gifts he got from his baptismal to open an account. Thanks to all the generous givers. :)

The same with our daughter, our son's account is intended for his college education but in case, we can manage not to touch this investment, He will also be a Billionaire before he reach 70. And since my son opened earlier than my daughter, will he be richer than her ate? We don't know. But we need to ensure that they will be Truly Rich. They need to know the true purpose of wealth which is to help and love others.

I posted this not to brag but to inspire you to start investing in the start market. The BEST TIME to start is NOW. You see SALE everywhere, even at the stock market.

Cheers to our Financial Freedom!!!

Learn more about the start market, join the Truly Rich Club. :)

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