Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perk $ Time Deposit of Asia Trust Bank

If you are looking for a bank where to can safe keep your USD for a while, I can recommend Asia Trust Bank. They have a product named Perk $ Time Deposit. I learned about it while googling for the best USD TD account in the Philippines. I remember that I saw it from a forum but can't remember the exact forum name.

Initially, I was comparing BDO, BPI, PS Bank and China Bank. And I was already considering PS Bank. But I changed my mind after seeing the rates of Asia Trust. However, the rates in their site is not updated.

Some infos I can share:
Min Investment: $5K
Prevailing Rates as of 03/19/09 (Sorry, a little old now.):
90D = 3.00%
180D = 3.25%
270D = 3.50%
360D = 3.75%

The interest is not compounded per quarter. But it is not bad after all. You'll still get 3% if you keep them for 90 days. This is the highest interest rate for USD TD that I have seen so far.

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