Thursday, April 8, 2010

1st Ever Think RICH Quick Seminar

We bought 3 books about real estate after the Truly Rich Coaching Program which are:
1. Think Rich Pinoy
2. Grow Rich Pinoy
3. Think Rich, Quick

They are all good and very inspiring. I've been searching the web for the next seminars of the TRP since it is normally being done every quarter. However, the next schedule is still on May 15,2010. We missed the seminar last February 27. Then, I chanced upon the Foreclosure Philippines blog which is promoting the 1st ever Think Rich Quick seminar by Trace Trajano. Hubby and I both registered on the training and we can say that it's all worth it but it could have been better if the course was not made to fit in one day because there are lot of things and details that the participants would like to know.

Anyway, below are some of the things that we have noted during the seminar/workshop:
1. There are 5Ms to Millions (mindset, mastery, management, mentor and mastermind).
2. Extreme Marketing is needed to sell Houses fast.
3. 3Ms in Marketing a property (Media, Market and Message).
4. Requirements of a Buyer
a. Landlords = High Cashflow
b. Renovators = High Equity
5. COIN (Center of Influence Networking) could help in getting deals done.
6. We need to pre-screen sellers by answering the WOWWW questions
- Worth, Owe, What Repair, Why Selling and What minimum amount the seller is willing to take
- They should be motivated.
7. MAO = Maximum Allowable Offer (Universal Acquisition Equation).
8. We can raise money via text and phonecall.
9. We need to build a level of trust.
10. Secrets of a Successful Real Estate Investors
- Implementation
- Believes in YCDBSOA (you can't do business sitting on your ass)
11. We have a virtual mentor in
12. We learn by doing.
13. Success = Right Attitude + Right Strategy
14. We need to ask for referral to borrow credibility.
- credibility = trust = business
15. Deal = Power
16. Money is Money but a DEAL is UNIQUE.
17. Real Estate vs. Stock Market
- Real Estate is Safer
- Stock Market does not guarantee gain
*** Banks doesn't loan money even if this will be used to buy their company's stocks.
18. Potential Investors
- Long Time Employees with Bank Savings
- OFWs
- Businessmen/Employees with less time and little knowledge on Real Estate
19. We can Leverage on OPR (Other People's Money) and OPT (Other People's Time).
20. Howto convince Investors
- Prospectus
- Good Track Record
- Documentation

The seminar is actually not a seminar but a workshop. We had exercises which were discussed within a group. We really learned by doing.

Trace also mentioned that he has plans of establishing a Real Estate Business here in the Philippines and is searching for business partners. He launched a "TAC - Trace Apprentice Challenge". There would be 10 teams who will be competing with each other. Each team is composed of at least 5 members which is composed of a CEO, acquisition manager, property manager, marketing manager and a sales manager. The team who scores the most after the challenges will be the winner and would be his business partners.

We are challenged and so I joined a team which we named as MIB (Millionaires to Infinity and Beyond). The 1st challenge is already done. RYP team won. It's ok. We still have a chance. GO MIB GO!!!! GO! GO! GO.

Before I forget, if you ask if I can recommend the training. Definitely YES!

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Zupladito Corneli said...

Wow! Mam Ella your learn a lot from the seminar...
I'm all fired up to attend the seminar.
and I cant wait to use this on the real thing...