Thursday, April 22, 2010

Decent Lunch from Chowking for only 40 pesos

Thanks to BPI and Chowking's Partnership. Last Monday we had another decent meal from Chowking for only 40pesos. It was consists of two Lauriat meal (Pork and Fish), 2 vegetable soup and 1 Large Drink for only 40 pesos. The Lauriat meal was the freebie I got from using my BPI Credit Card. I was so Happy. You too can enjoy it.

This promo runs from February to April.
For a minimum single transaction of P1,500

FREE Chorizo Chaofan or Spicy Pork Mushroom Rice

For a minimum single transaction of P3,000
FREE Breaded Fish Lauriat or Breaded Pork Lauriat or Salo Dimsum Platter or Halo-Halo Fiesta (w/o Ice Cream)

For a minimum single transaction of P6,000
FREE Chowking Sulit Salo Set (good for 3)

Redemption period is until June 15, 2010.

Now, who would thought that there is no free meal nowadays? We just need to take advantage of the promos and freebies from our credit card. But also need to ensure that we pay our purchases before the due date to avoid charges.

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