Friday, April 2, 2010

Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar

Hubby and I attended the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Seminar Last February 19-20 which is 3 months after we attended the Truly Rich Seminar. I really wanted to attend both seminars but I was hesitant to inform hubby because the coaching seminar is quite expensive. Never thought that he would also be interested in attending. Unfortunately, the coaching seminar was already fully booked during the Truly Rich Seminar. I just ensured that we get to register in the next coaching seminar.

The seminar, like Bo Sanchez mentioned, is a buffet of choices for investments. We learned about:

1. Stock Market (EIP of Citisec Online)
2. Mutual Funds
3. X-curve
4. Secrets of Businessmen
5. Real Estate Investing
6. Internet Marketing

Things that I have noted are:
1. Time is GOLD. I should have not delayed the training but it's never too late.
2. Don't be a Procrastinator.
3. Communication is the Key.
-Small Minds talk about people
-Medium Mind talk about events.
-Big Minds talk about ideas.
4. Poverty is in the Mind.
" The Moment that you think you are POOR, is the time you become POOR".
5. Give the Best even at Worst.
6. You can decide to have a GOOD day.
7. Open your eyes to opportunity.
8. A good business plan is bankable.
9. Find a business partner by chemistry not by $$$.
10. Whatever Happens, TRUST GOD.
11. If you are a generous giver, you can claim.
12. SECRET of the RICH (Passive Income > Monthly Expenses)
13. To become successful, you need to stretch out of your comfort Zone.
14. The RICH is not the 1 who has the most but the 1 who needs the least.
15. No matter how much you increase your income, maintain your lifestyle.
16. Prosperity Plan - Plan while it is EASY.
17. Financial Disaster - Starting to Plan when the problem is already there.
18. INSURANCE is like renting. HOUSE is like savings.
19. Don't mess with your CASHFLOW.
20. Don't go Mingle company and personal funds.
21. Always be closing.
22. Your SPARE TIME is the BEST TIME to BUILD your WEALTH.

After the seminar, we both think that the money we paid for the seminar is all worth it.
1. We're able to listen to the CEOs of good companies.
2.We learned a lot of new things.
** There are things that we're doing before about the stock market that were wrong.
3. We heard a lot of inspirational talk. They also shared their mistakes that could help us avoid them.

We recommend this seminar to everyone. Trust us, it's worth every cent. If only I can turn back the clock, we'll attend this training years earlier.

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