Friday, April 9, 2010

Practical Things I Learned Today

I commuted from Gen. Trias to Greenbelt Makati this afternoon to attend the TAC meeting. I was not commuting for the past 3 years and here are some things I realized and learned today

1. Riding MRT can actually save you time and money compared to riding a TAXI.
*** Thanks to the lady whom I sat beside the bus. She advised that I take the MRT rather than a TAXI. I can save time due to traffic. Makati have lots of one-way streets.
*** I lot of things changed in the MRT system. I can say that it has improved a lot. They are now more systematic. There's still hope for the Philippines.

2. There are still good people around.
*** Filipinos are still accomodating. I ask for directions and I got them.
*** There are still men who offer seats to women and elders. Thanks to the man in the MRT. He gave me more space to be seated and then offer his seat when an old lady rode the MRT.

3. Walk for a GOOD talk.
*** I could have rode a taxi from Greenbelt to Pasay Rotonda but I chose to walk with my Team mate to Landmark. We had a nice talk. We're able to share feelings about the challenge and ideas on how to win in the next challenges.
*** Actually, walking can also help us lose some of those calories.

4. Keep a BOOK Handy.
*** I got bored inside the bus due to traffic. Having a book to read could have save me from boredom while on travel.

5. If you're a woman, sit beside a woman for PEACE of MIND.
*** But also try not to sleep for safety. This is just my POV.

6. Be Mindful of your Belongings. *** Better be safe than Sorry.

7. Pray for Safety and Be Blessed.
*** It's not that really bad to commute after all. I didn't had a hard time.
*** I got home early and safe.

8. Fare is now expensive.

*** My total fare expenses today:
A/C Bus from Manggahan Gen. Trias to Pasay Rotonda = 40
MRT = 14 (I bought the lowest single entry ticket available to save time)
A/C BUS from SM Makati to Alabang via SKYWAY = 35
Jeep = 20
Tricycle = 25
TOTAL : P 120
*** The fare I spent can already buy 3-5 kilos of rice.

Here are my practical learnings today. I'll share the things I have noted from the TAC meeting on my next blog entry. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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