Thursday, April 22, 2010

My 1st Time Playing the CASHFLOW 101 BOARDGAME

I've been playing the CASHFLOW 101 EGAME for more than a month now. It took me more than 5 games before I won and get out of the RAT RACE. It was such an accomplishment and brought me some heavenly feeling.

Last Saturday, my group mates in Trace's Apprentice Challenge organized a CASHFLOW game. We had it in Seatlle's Best Festival Mall. We're challenged to beat the record of the Rich Dad Club in Alabang who had a player finished a RAT RACE after 30mins of playing. We started at 7:38pm and I got out of the RAT RACE 1st at exactly one hour. I got out of the FAST TRACT 10 minutes after that. I was very happy.

Things I learned:
1. Everything is manual. You really need to take responsibility of your CASHFLOW, CASH, ASSETs and LIABILITIES. It was a total DO-IT-YOURSELF process.
2. Mind your own business to be able to help others.
3. CASH is King. Ensure that you'll get your paycheck or else you'll be working for free.
4. Count your Cash on Hand to be able to leverage. Count your cash religiously and take note of it. You need this to know how to decide on DEALS either SMALL or BIG.

We finished the game at exactly 2.5 Hours since we started the game. We all enjoyed and already looking forward to the next CASH FLOW game session. By the way, I would also like to thanks Raymond for organizing and Aries for facilitating the game!

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