Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feast PICC Talk Series: BONUS Talk on Entrepreneurship by Dean Pax Lapid

There was a bonus talk on the OVERFLOW Series about Entrepreneurship. There were a lot of things that we learned and I am sharing them to you. See details below:

Date: February 12,2012
Topic: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
Speaker: Dean 'Pax' Lapid
Co-Author of "Go Negosyo 21 Steps on How to Start your Own Business"

Luke 6: 48
"He is like a man who built a house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock."

Three (3) Points from this Bible Verse
1. Build a House - Create Wealth
2. Dig Dip - Work for it
3. Solid Foundation 

"Learning is Effective if enjoyable".

1st Part of the Secrets 
(Most Important)

T - Talent and Time
R - Recognize the moment of Opportunity
U - Understanding the Business Logic
L - Luck is both Preparedness and Opportunity
Y - Why buy from me

Talent and Time
We have an overflowing gifts of time and talent that we only need to tap and recognize. Take the example of a Huge elephant being overpowered by little people because they were chained when they were young and when they grew bigger they thought that the rope tied on their feet would also not let them go away. 

Recognize the moment of Opportunity
Most of us are guilty of Laziness in mind and action.

**Success Formula of the Masters (3D)**
  • Direction (Goals + Actions)
  • Determination (Passion and PErseverance)
  • Destiny (Success of Life's Dream/Business)
Find your True North
-Julies Bakeshop was created @ her Senior years
- KFC was born when Sanders was already 70 years old
Need to change Mindset
- Success is a function of Good Judgement 
Dream Big. Start Small

Understanding the Business Logic
Who, What, Why, How, Where and When

L - Luck is both Preparedness and Opportunity
is the offspring of preparedness and opportunity
Why can't we take advantage of opportunity? Fear of Failure
If you want bigger INCOME, you must COME IN.
Balance Time, Talent and Treasure. Most important is TALENT

Y - Why buy from me
It is "not" the Price.
A business idea is only a successful business if it has to do with "ER" factor.
ex. bigger, faster, nicer except cheaper unless you are the manufacturer.

In Summary (PINAY):

PI -liin ang Hilig or Gusto (Personal Preference)
NA - aral (Education) / gawa (Experience) / galing (Expertise)
Y - why buy from me (Customer Solution)

2nd Part of the Secrets 
(Important to Sustain the Business)

R = Regular Customers
I = Invest in Relationships across the Business (Client, Partners and Employees)
C = Cashflow should be positive (Basic Finance). "Don't plan for BREAKEVEN because you will be BROKEN".
H = His (God) will/plan be done.

He concluded" "Whatever we endeavor, God should always be part of the Equation".

It was a short talk but very comprehensive. The way the topics were delivered is very light and easy to comprehend. I believe many were blessed and changed after the talk. I then also invite you to join us next Sunday in PICC for TALK 2 (Income vs. Wealth) and be blessed! See you there!

May All Our Dreams Come True. :)

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