Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My PISO Dream and Journey Continues...

I haven't update this blog for quite a while. I don't have an intention of abandoning it but some things changed in my life which also changed the manner I update this blog. My personal struggles and stories will be shared in this blog soon. I know you can relate to my stories.

So what made me post again?! We'll I didn't realized I wanted to be an author until I meet this person who inspired me and made me realize that I have the skills in Stock Market Investing that I can hone and use to help other people. Thus, I am striving really hard to improve this skill.  Part of the plan is to regularly update this blog. It can by about the stock market, real estate, funds, interesting investment or  anything that we could relate to "PISO".

Join my in my Journey and let's enjoy the ride and learn from each other. ;)

Blessings!!! :)

To our Financial Freedom and Beyond!

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